Five reasons why company culture is important when recruiting staff

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Ensuring new recruits slot effortlessly into your company’s culture has a multitude of benefits. Chief among these is that like-minded team members who embrace your business’s values and goals will go a long way towards making your company more successful.

Lisa Falzone is CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems. In an article on, she argues that culture is one of key stones of any good business. “A startup, as the name implies, is laying the foundation on which it will be built,” she writes.

“Your hires are essential to this early stage, and can often make or break a company. One way to ensure you make the right hires is to have a good understanding of your company’s culture – that is, of your company’s vision and working environment. As an executive, having that clear idea of your company’s culture should help you build a team that’s in-line with your vision.”

With a system from CIPHR HR software, or similar, to take care of essential HR operations, you can devote more time to defining what that culture is. Here’s why it matters when it comes to recruitment.

  1. You’ll foster greater job satisfaction

By aligning key characteristics in a job ad to your business’s core tenets, you’ll ensure you interview people who are at least on the same page as you. Your company culture is the spark that creates belief and the motivation to do well, as well as creating job satisfaction. When people have that drive, they carry out their roles better and lead happier lives. While this happens, your company thrives.

  1. You’ll guarantee better performance

The most efficient teams work because they consist of colleagues who do well together and share a determination to get the job done no matter what. How did they come to be there? Thanks to a recruitment drive that clearly spelled out the shared attributes all candidates should possess, regardless of their field of expertise.

  1. You’ll improve your employees’ wellbeing

When an employee struggles to fit into a particular company’s environment, they find it harder to motivate themselves. And when that happens, dissatisfaction, illness and fatigue are never far away. Promoting an open, inclusive culture from the outset can help to prevent isolation occurring. Remember that your company values are not set in stone, either. They should adapt with your team.

  1. Strategy will be more coherent

The most successful companies align business goals with company culture, so that the two pillars are interconnected. When everyone has a common purpose to work towards, they’ll take more ownership of their field and be accountable when things go wrong – and, crucially, right.

5 Your staff will want to stay

Employees who believe in the ethos of the company will want to stay onboard for longer. Happier, more productive staff will work more efficiently to chase better results. Even challenging times are easier to push through if there is belief in what you’re trying to achieve as a whole.

The fact is, no matter how good at their job an employee is, if they don’t fit in with a company, they will look elsewhere for better compatibility.


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