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Update to VN

Posted by MattVN , 24 August 2011 · 135 views

Every now and again like routine, there'll be an update to the underlying software that VN uses that must be installed. Sometimes the updates are small, easy and quick. Sometimes they are big updates that can take hours.Tonight I have been upgrading VN which should have been the quick and easy but has turned into a bit of a nightmare. In fact it's 2:30am...


VN wiki is full power again

Posted by MattVN , 07 August 2009 · 69 views

It is with great relief that I announce the wiki is back!Although it has been back for a while, the login (and therefore editing options) were suspended.Without James I wouldn't have been able to relink the forum-wiki login system and so I really owe a debt to James. Thanks.What does this mean?  Well, users, societies and clubs etc. will now be able to edit their wiki pages and should be automatically logged into the wiki if they are logged into the forum. All members have editing abilities but please contribute positively to the wiki.Any questions or issues about this please let me know. For now I will cross it of the bug todo list.MattPS. Don't forget that there are now more ways than ever to create awareness for your cause: 1. vn forum 2. vn wiki 3. vn blog 4. vn calendar 5. vn gallery


Start a blog !

Posted by MattVN , 21 July 2009 · 175 views
blog, community, project, cause and 1 more...
A few people have noticed and PMed me about the blog section and what is it all about.Currently I have the only blog on VN. But you all have the ability to start a blog hosted on VN and here are the reasons why it might be useful for you:1. A blog is different to posting on the forum.    Blogs enable you to write, uninterrupted about your projects, campaigns, societies,    clubs, your neighbourhood, short stories, news or personal stuff etc.2. Multiple authors.    If you create a blog, you can assign other members of VN to edit and write on your blog.   This is ideal if you are operating a club with other members who all need to update the page.3. Comments / Feedback.    Your readers have the opportunity to comment on your articles and this may reflect    the future direction of your blog.   4. Awareness.    Along with posting in the forum and keeping a thread running about your activities, a blog provides   a place for static information like committee members, contact details, next event meetup details etc.   This can be used in tandem with the forum as a place for members to go to for specific information,    or just news about your cause without lots of different opinion. You are also welcome to include a    link in your (forum posts) signature to your blog.   The 5 latest blog posts have a link automatically placed on the forum homepage. This creates more    awareness to you cause and I will arrange small banners on the homepage to be links to the most    popular blogs if this takes off.I'm sure that their are lots more reasons to start a blog, but this is what I can come up with for now!MattNOTE: HOW TO START A BLOG You can start one by  clicking on your name (top right) > settings > blog > then follow the instructions on how to start one and add entries.


12 hours after the upgrade

Posted by MattVN , 19 July 2009 · 81 views

Running record Issues to be looked at: Add images to the galleryMore community blogs'View new content' link missing in SafariCheck signatures for members and why John's isn't showingForum header design - add serving Norwood, Anerley, Penge and Sydenham  line[s]Emoticon issue with latest 3.0.2 update [s]Get the wiki back up  [s](login between wiki+forum will be delayed until new wiki software is released, but should get wiki showing) [s]Blog header image  changed to basic orange strip. May update again later.[s]Member group images not displayed next to posts [s]Sponsorship packages: Dead link:  http://www.virtualno...subs&CODE=index[s]Quotes not appearing from posts pre-upgrade [s]Some external links not working [s]Post reputation/self-moderation add-on  (cancelled)[s]hidden/spoiler bb code to add  [ spoiler ] text to hide [ /spoiler ] tags now work, forget the other 'hide tags'.[s]Status widget to be added to the forum right column - added [s]Check that emoticons appear correctly in quotes (pre+post upgrade) - any lost from old site may not return [s]Profile/avatar pictures - not sure if all are being shown correctly once uploaded. Has anyone lost their avatar? [s]YouTube embedded - fixed , [s]up to 6 videos will be embedded. Considerations: Proposed moving the 'Family Room' outside the members forums and to it's own location.If you think anything else should be added to the bug list please comment on the blog or post in the 'VN changes' thread here .


VN's Big Upgrade

Posted by MattVN , 19 July 2009 · 86 views
forum upgrade, changes
Hi Everyone!As promised a while ago, I mentioned that there was a new version of the forum software coming out (IPB3). It was delayed and there were issues with the stability once it was released. Well it now seems to be stable enough to run VN on and so I am in the process of switching everything over.As you look around the website you'll notice that there are a few editions and a few things that may no longer be there. I've tried to list some of the changes and issues below.Changes: 1. New design. Still work in progress - the forum design is pretty much stock, with the top part having some orange thrown in to keep with VN's history. If anyone has any tips on what looks good and what doean't please let me know.2. Post reputation. If someone posts something and you like it, click the '+' at the bottom right of the post. This will add reputation to their post. Likewise if you don't like a post click the '-'. Hopefully in future I can modify this feature so that posts that receive a net of -5 will be collapsed (partially hidden). This might be a nice way of the forum self-moderating. Currently users can issue 5 + and 5 - each day.3. Blogs and Gallery links. Users can now start their own blog either for their personal news, or for their community project. You will be able to update and edit your own blog as well as select other members to help edit and add posts to your blog. The gallery is where you can add albums and photos. This will add some more colour to the website and provide another dimension to the community.4. Profile pages. We've always had profile pages, but now they are a bit more comprehensive. Click on your username (top right) then click on profile to see what others can see about you. (By clicking on my settings you'll be able to start a blog/gallery album also). Users are encouraged to add an avatar (profile picture) this will be shown in your profile and next to each post.5. The forum homepage now has a foldable right column. This right column can be useful to show recent posts/blog entries as well as the day's top posts and forums/threads that you are subscribed to.Possible issues: 1. Design elements need changing in places (eg. blog headers)2. The VN wiki is currently being fixed3. Sponsorship packages have been suspended for new sponsors (this shouldn't affect current sponsors - but let me know if you are a sponsor and are having any trouble - I will look into it immediately)I know I'm missing a lot out but just wanted to make this quick post and then reopen the forums so you can visit and post in the morning.Please report any other bugs that you see that aren't listed here. It may take a week or so to get the issues ironed out but I think it will be worth it in the end.Thanks Matt


What will 2010 hold for VN and the community

Posted by MattVN , 09 January 2006 · 153 views

Happy belated New Year!I've been absent from the day to day and the blog for a little while and so wanted to update it with plans/ideas.Firstly, I know that I've a few broken promises with a couple of VN members and so for that I apologize. A new apartment, followed by a new career (teaching), followed by budget cuts, redundancy and a never en...

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