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Update to VN

Posted by MattVN , 24 August 2011 · 134 views

Every now and again like routine, there'll be an update to the underlying software that VN uses that must be installed.

Sometimes the updates are small, easy and quick. Sometimes they are big updates that can take hours.
Tonight I have been upgrading VN which should have been the quick and easy but has turned into a bit of a nightmare. In fact it's 2:30am where I am (in NYC) and I'll still be at it for a while.

The reassuring thing when this is all over with is that the software will be the safest and the most efficient version: more unlikely to be spammed/hacked and pages/posts should load faster.

The headache of the upgrade had a knock on affect to the chat, blog and gallery pieces of VN and I haven't looked around the wiki yet! I'm getting there and although the headache may still continue for the next few days for all of us as bugs are ironed out, I am sure that the change and new features will be worth it.

It's scary that even after backing up the site and the database that over 100,000 posts could be lost!

(ok back to work)

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