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Meatballs for Hector

Posted by H-bomb , 29 June 2010 · 41 views

It’s been a while; I know…… I have been on another business trip, this time to Stockholm and just like Milano we had torrential rain from the time I arrived to the time that I left. The weather was so bad that even my trusted umbrella decided that enough was enough having been blown inside out so many times in the raging storm that was over Stockholm, it...


Adrenaline rush but no singing in the rain

Posted by H-bomb , 07 May 2010 · 22 views

I have just returned from a business trip to Milan. You may think that that sounds glamorous but I can tell you it wasn’t. We had torrential rain from the time I arrived to the time that I left. I feared for my life on the way to the hotel when my crazy taxis driver in true Italian style was driving at 90 miles an hour. Any one would think that his Mama h...


When I'm cleaning windows....

Posted by H-bomb , 25 April 2010 · 24 views

With only 72 hours to go to the official opening it was all hands on deck and toes on ladders at the Gallery this week-end as we start to transform the old car show room into a professional art gallery in time for the Bigger Picture Gallery grand opening and the start of Guy Beggs exhibition this Tuesday. Angel is my very special guest blogger this week a...


Inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources

Posted by H-bomb , 14 April 2010 · 17 views

I love weekends: what could be better than to start the day sitting outside on the terrace at Paradou on a fresh spring morning, drinking coffee with friends and debating the state of modern art after a stint of brisk dog walking around Crystal Palace Park, such simple pleasures. I sat back soaking up the weak rays feeling contented and inspired to do som...


The Bigger Picture: Cocao, Bunny ears & Guy Beggs

Posted by H-bomb , 05 April 2010 · 19 views

It has been a really busy week for the Bigger Picture team, meetings, project plans, press releases to issue, the new look website to launch, in fact Angel and Huw having been working into the small hours and going to bed as I have been getting up for work (not together I might add), in fact I have hardly seen them at all apart from our Easter Bunny lunch...


The Bigger Picture: Is Crystal Palace the new Hoxton?

Posted by H-bomb , 29 March 2010 · 33 views

Is Crystal Palace destining to be the new Hoxton?  Join me for my weekly blog to follow the Bigger Picture team as they open the Bigger Picture Gallery in Crystal Palace. In a year the team have gone from pop up to forming a community interest company to put Crystal Palace on the map as a cultural destination. Bigger Picture ProjectThe Art Gallery 2A Aner...

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