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New School in Crystal Palace Sept 2012

Posted by Paxton Academy , 19 May 2011 · 10 views

To all residents in and around the Crystal Palace area!

I thought I would start a new blog to introduce a new school which is in the pipeline for Sept 2012 opening.
There is a shortage of schools in this area and Paxton Academy Sports & Science will help to fill the gap.

Please check out: Paxton Academy for further information.

Let me give you a little background:

Paxton Academy Sports and Science aims to be an outstanding, innovative school offering a unique learning environment for children aged 3- 18 years. The Academy will be an all- through, inclusive, co-educational school for local children which will offer a rich and rigorous academic and Ďall- roundí education grounded in a Christian ethos, for 50 weeks of the year.

The founder of this school is Johnette Barrett who will be the principal designate and has a highly trained team of people behind her working towards creating an outstanding school.

This blog will provide you with an up to date status on the progress of this school from starting the business plan to the opening day of the school. So watch this space........

We are looking for potential students and are reaching out to all parents who feel they would support this school by sending their child to Paxton Academy. As this is an all-through school our child will stay there from Reception all the way through to 18 years! So for those who have already experienced the traumas and stress of looking for a good secondary school will understand the benefits of an all-through school and not having to look around or in worst case move area in order to be in a good catchment area for a decent school.

If you have gotten this far, then let me thankyou for taking the time to read and I hope I have captivated you to follow my blog.

(ICT Strategic Developer at Paxton Academy)

We are very interested in this initiative to set up a much needed new school in the CP area. I hope you get the community and parental support required to set up a free school.

We would love to NOT have to move house in order to secure a reception place for our children....Keep us posted.
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Paxton Academy
May 28 2011 05:49 PM
Thanks Vangough!
Well we had 3 open evenings over the last 2 weeks and we had a good turnout!
Parents were really keen to see more schools in the area and we got a few parents on board to help with the PR side of things - 1 parent was a journalist and has put us in touch with a few local papers so hopefully we should have some info in the local papers soon and some others kindly volunteered their time to sign up parents whilst at Crystal Palace Park!

Our application form is due to be submitted on 1st June 2011 which is tight considering we only thought of the idea to open a school somewhat 4 weeks ago!

Please could I ask you to visit the site and register your interest - this would be 1 more name - and would be much appreciated.

Watch this space for more info and hopefully if we are given the go ahead, I will be able to update you snd others alike on the progress of the shcool buidling development etc.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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