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Canvas & Cream, a new community arts venture in Foresthill with Artists studio's, gallery and cafe. Competition launched with first prize worth 1000+

Posted by Canvas & Cream , 13 September 2011 · 173 views

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A New Arts Hub in the center of Forest Hill!!!

· Neighbourhood Dining/Café

· Artist’s & Artisan’s studios

· Gallery & Showcase

· Community Workshops & Gatherings

Canvas & Cream comprises of an artists’ designed Up-Cycled Café/community dining rooms, a dedicated Gallery space with community workshop and events programme, therapy room and seven artists/artisans studios. It has social objectives at it’s core and is a social enterprise. The building in Forest Hill is such that the dining rooms/café have premier high street frontage. Going back in the building will be an art gallery with natural light coming through glass roof lights. A dedicated community education/workshop room opens up onto the gallery. Behind this are the seven artists and artisans studios. This part of the building backs onto and is accessed via a cobbled street; Havelock walk that already houses over fifteen high spec bespoke artists live/work space. At Canvas & Cream we believe wholeheartedly in the artistic and creative process as being able to build and sustain community and bring about change to people’s environments and situations. We address financial, social and environmental poverty through up-cycling and recycling old objects into new functional/beautiful items, by helping people to think flexibly and innovatively we apply fresh thinking and new solutions to old problems. We believe building arts communities challenges division by celebrating our ability to make and share our skills with each other.

Canvas & Cream endeavours to:

• Enable artists to build sustainable creative businesses by providing high quality, fit for purpose and affordable exhibition opportunities.

• Provide promotional and networking opportunities to artists through regular networking activities and an online gallery.

• Provide accessible arts activities for the local community to learn, celebrate and participate within the arts at affordable rates

• Host artist’s events that endeavour to bring current artistic practice into the heart of the community for all ages, creeds, classes and social backgrounds

• Provide a South East London arts hub, a social dining experience embedded within a creative environment, connected through and in partnership with a growing number of arts venues along the South East London Overground Line.

• Celebrate the contribution of artists and creatives to the innovative and creative use of everyday objects and ideas and the impact this has on social change and financial independence.

We hope to include you or meet you at some point throughout our venture.
Please look out for our Launch Open Art Competition at www.canavsandcream.co.uk

Joanna and Emily

December 2017

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