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Dear Croydon Council

Posted by HelpingHand , 12 September 2009 · 124 views
croydon council, recycling scheme and 1 more...
Dear Croydon Council, It has dawned on me that you will probably never respond to my emails again requesting to be a part of the recycling scheme. This is why I have written this loving letter and posting it on the Internet in the hope that by some miracle it reaches you. I have tried and tried to get your attention as I would only love to recycle my wast...


Secret Hideaway

Posted by HelpingHand , 30 August 2009 · 65 views

I had every intention of returning earlier to post this entry but sadly, life happened and I was occupied until now. There is still so much that I need to explore in the beautiful area and I ticked another thing off my list by following a man made path into the woodlands off Grange Road. This pathway led me to a big green field with a small childrenís par...


Much Needed Rain!

Posted by HelpingHand , 07 August 2009 · 60 views
rain in london, raining and 1 more...
Londoners have experienced some unusual weather in the last three days and to be honest, I love it. It has been incredibly humid and last night we finally received the much needed rain to keep the area green until winter kicks in. It might have looked a bit strange this morning when I reached for my mobile phone to take this photo at seven in the morning...

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