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Dear Croydon Council

Posted by HelpingHand , 12 September 2009 · 123 views

croydon council recycling scheme blue and green bins

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Dear Croydon Council,

It has dawned on me that you will probably never respond to my emails again requesting to be a part of the recycling scheme. This is why I have written this loving letter and posting it on the Internet in the hope that by some miracle it reaches you. I have tried and tried to get your attention as I would only love to recycle my waste and do my bit to make Croydon better.

Earlier this year I received a booklet from yourselves about how great the recycling scheme is and how much money it can make the council to hopefully reduce the council tax each resident has to pay. This combined with my good nature to help save the planet has sparked me to send you a few emails requesting recycling bins. Yes, I have heard from you, twice but that was about it. Promises were made and broken and here I am , still waiting.

Desperate to make a start I went out and bought a indoor recycling bin to help me with my latest resolution. This is going great by the way, except for the part where I have to travel 20 minutes with heavy bags on the bus to recycling centre. Yup, I do get the funny stares on the bus and my back does kill me carrying those heavy bags but I am doing it!
All I am asking for is my very own green and blue box, if that is not possible, can we please, I beg you, please get a wheelie bin to share amongst other residents in my communial flats? Your website speaks of how the European Union wants to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, help me, help you! I am pretty sure I can convince majority of tenants on my “estate” to start recycling. I am not convinced that neighbours on my street would appreciate me using their bins and I am really getting tired of all the travelling... so would you please sort this out?

Kind Regards

Concerned Croydon Resident

Aug 25 2012 06:06 PM
they obviously dont care
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