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Forum Guidelines

The basics: 
1/ No bad language - not even mild swearing - we really mean it! Also swear words which are self censored (ie. s**t are not allowed) please choose a pleasant alternative. 
2/ Respect the views of other members 
3/ Be neighbourly - don't say it on the forum if you wouldn't say it to someone in person 
4/ Political, religion, human rights topics are allowed but members should always seek to address the argument, personal attacks on other forum members will not be tolerated and failure to adhere to guidelines may result in warnings or being banned. Hateful, disrespectful and libellous comments will not be tollerated. *By hateful and disrespectful, we mean comments that are or may be perceived as racist, sexist, homophobic, inciting religious hatred or causing undue offence to individuals or sections of the community. 
5/ Don't waste people's time or our web site resources 
6/ Using the forum and/or PM system to send/publish threatening messages (or explicit content) will not be tolerated. 
7/ The moderation team and the VN community welcome comments for developments and improvements, but if you're just criticizing the moderation team, then your comment is likely to be removed. 
Legal Issues: 
1/ No libellous comments 
2/ We err on the side of caution, so no potentially libellous comments - we don't want to get dragged into legal action whether you are right or wrong, even if it is in the public interest (even if you are right it costs money to hire lawyers) 
3/ All avatars, personal photos and text must be legal and decent 4/ Do not post any copyrighted material unless you have permission 
5/ Do not add links to sites with adult content 
6/ We do not accept requests for baby-sitters due to concerns with Internet grooming. We do, however, accept requests and adverts for Ofsted registered childminding services. 
Please describe how people can check your credentials in your post. If you have a problem: 
1/ If you have a complaint about a local business, take it up with them, do not post your complaint on our forum 
2/ If you are unhappy with something on the forum please raise it with the forum management team via email (forum@virtualnorwood.com) or Personal Message. If you post your grievances directly on the site your comments will be removed and your account will be suspended. We want to discuss the issue with you directly rather than allow a problem to escalate. 
1/ One account per person 
2/ Member names should be sensible (no h4x0r names please) 
3/ If you don't have a working email address your account will be suspended 
4/ The forum and the wiki share the same login system 
1/ Do not post messages in UPPERCASE 
2/ No font styling except bold and italic (yes, we know the options are available but huge colourful lettering isn't our idea of fun) 
3/ No excessive punctuation or emoticons 
4/ Quote previous posts only to make your response clearer. Don't over-quote or quote large blocks of text unnecessarily. 
5/ If you embed an image make sure it is a reasonable size and won't stretc the screen for users with smaller computers. 
Staying on topic: 
1/ No ranting or mindless drivel 
2/ Try to keep replies on topic 
3/ Do not post a question or comment that will encourage off topic replies 
4/ Comments in the reviews section should be constructive and fair - if you received bad service please take it up with the manager of the restaurant or pub in question. 
New topics: 
1/ Starting a new topic is free of charge 
2/ Before starting a new topic please check one doesn't exist already 
Quoted Replies: 
1/ There are three ways to start a reply to a topic: 'Add Reply', 'Quote' and 'Multi-Quote'. The (green) Add Reply button can be found at the top and bottom of the topic page. The Quote and Multi-Quote buttons are easier to hand but please scroll down or up a little bit further and use the Add Reply button instead. Alternatively, delete the text placed in the reply box for you, before you type. 
2/ Avoiding unnecessary use of the quoted reply option will improve download times and make it easier for everyone to read messages. It will also help to keep our hosting costs down. 3/ If you are replying to a topic it should be obvious what you are referring to just by reading the previous responses (it is a topic after all). If it's not, then you can quote the text. Warning System: 1/ The forum warning system is used by the moderating team to keep track of warnings for bad behaviour. 
2/ Your warning level is only visible to yourself and forum moderators. 
3/ If you see Warn 0% next to your posts it means you haven't done anything wrong and your account is operating normally. 
4/ If your Warn level is increased you will receive a message explaining why. Any new posts you make will then be checked by a moderator before they are published on the forum. A week later you will be able to post as usual. 
5/ Common reasons for warnings are bad language, potentially libellous comments and hostile comments towards other members. 
6/ If you intentionally break our forum guidelines your account will be suspended. This will also affect your ability to use the wiki. 
7/ If suspended or banned your posts remain the property of the forum. Having your posts deleted after there have been replies would render threads useless. 
Where things go: 
1/ You need to be a sponsor to advertise an item for sale - if you post outside the Items for Sale section your advert will be deleted. 
2/ Topics about crime should be discussed with sensitivity and due regard to the victims of crime and their friends and families. Care should be taken to avoid posting details that may affect the course of an investigation or legal action - remember you are responsible for your comments and inappropriate comments may be removed by the moderating team. If commenting on a specific incident, details should not be posted unless i) information is common knowledge; ii) details have been reported in the media and the source quoted (e.g. web link) 
3/ Topics about local politics should be discussed in the Virtual Norwood Tavern section of the forum. Please keep discussions sensible and constructive and remember you are liable for libellous comments. Potentially libellous comments may be removed by the moderating team. 
4/ Requests for recommendations should be made in the Recommendations section 
1/ Please follow the wiki guidelines. See the Help Pages on the wiki for more information. 
2/ Inappropriate comments, image uploads or destructive editing will be removed. 
3/ If you intentionally break our wiki guidelines your account will be suspended. This will also affect your ability to use the forum. 
1/ We do not endorse other web sites or businesses. 
2/ We earn a small amount of income from advertising schemes such as Google Adwords and TradeDoubler. 
3/ You can advertise on our web site by signing up with Google Adwords and setting up a site targeted campaign. 
4/ Local businesses are welcome post in the Local Business Listings forum (no more than once every 6 months) and in the wiki directory, but they must only post once and a business address must be verifiable. 
5/ You will only be able to post recommendations after you have 5+ posts 6/ No spamming, self promotion (other than within the business listing forum and guidelines), posting links for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Other local websites are also asked to refrain from promoting themselves on the VN website. 
1/ If you use our forum on a regular basis we would like you to consider making a donation to help with our running costs. 
1/ There should be no advertising in signatures (or posts) unless previously agreed with VN mods/admin. Generally promoting campaigns is acceptable, but signatures of an commercial nature by new members isn't permitted. 
2/ To prevent signature abuse, only members with more than 30 posts have the option to edit signatures.