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Ghost Stories about Crystal Palace

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 01:40 AM

Our house in Stambourne Way was supposedly haunted. The things that happened would chill anyone. We left some holy water in a porcelain container at the end of the hall, by the cupboard under the stairs, and the next morning it was smashed to pieces and the water was thrown over the walls. My cat was once possessed, I'm sure of it (stop sniggering), and would climb up the curtains in abject pain. He would look like his back legs were being pulled by the invisible man, and he would his uncontrollably. Twice we took him to out of hours vets, and twice we were told there was nothing wrong. He stopped doing it as quickly as he started. And finally, when we did move out, we got news from the neighbours that the guy who'd moved in had moved out within two years, because of the "freaky s**t that was going on in there* :wacko:
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