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Arguably The Worst Advert in Recent History

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Posted 19 December 2011 - 12:53 PM

These gormless prats deserve their own special place in advertising purgatory. Gary's by far the greater prat of the two.

Is your surname Lehman? Have you and your brother just found yourselves out of a job? If you’ve answered yes to either of the questions above, then read on, I might be able to help you. Because, assuming you haven’t just thrown yourself out of your 32nd floor office window, now is the ideal time to retrain as a plumber, electrician, joiner or professional tea drinker. And thanks to a very well timed advert, it seems that The Skills Centre is the ideal place to do that training. But just in case you missed The Skills Centre’s advert, here's a recap for you

“Tony! How are things?

Let’s have an impossibly stilted exchange about what’s happened in the three years since we did our generic ‘work’ at ‘The Site’.

I’ve being doing ‘a course’ and got ‘my certificate’; yes, working AND learning.

Look at my smug van and tidy beard. Hark as I drop not a single aitch whilst whining my way through a script that makes Elton John's hair look natural. My new set of skills is also subtly implying that I'm getting more sex than you, Tony, you mug.

I’m better than you now, Tony; you’re ***, and I’m ace. Ha ha! Your life is ashes, YOUR LIFE IS ASHES…”

PS. You can tell that this is a low-end production on account of the sign on the side of Gary's new van that reads: Gary Electrical. How inspiring. And I'm fairly that sure the 'actors' in this shambles have had their voices dubbed by the same person, speaking slightly higher or lower.

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Posted 19 December 2011 - 01:35 PM

Ha ha ha! And here's another contender: http://groomingguru....m-these-people/

With this commentary that made me weep with laughter:
I don’t know whether you’ve caught this new Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste ad but in case you’ve missed it I thought I’d share it with you because it’s one of the funniest ads currently on TV. Watch how everyone eschews any semblance of relaxed naturalness in favour of some the best over-acting and exaggerated lip-synching seen outside of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. In fact, bespectacled Nicky Hambleton-Jones is just about the only thing natural about it (even with that delightfully quizzical eyebrow).
No word of a lie, I genuinely thought it was a spoof when I first saw it, especially given that the the guy from the British Dental Foundation looks like David Walliams doing a Little Britain character. And who in God’s name cast the guy in the white coat?! He can barely get the words ‘Stanislavski (or whatever) complex’ out let alone explain what it is. And I mean, if you were looking for someone to promote a toothpaste would you really opt for someone with teeth that look like they could chew an apple through a letterbox?