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#1 gekko



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Posted 17 February 2012 - 11:22 AM

The mods would like to clarify the procedure for reporting posts on the forum. We get a lot of reports coming through the direct message feature and this makes it difficult for us to deal with them effectively. Messages sent to individual moderators ultimately end up being posted in the moderators' section of the forum where we discuss them as a group. Petitioning us separately just lengthens the process, especially if that particular moderator is very busy at the time.

With that in mind, we would request that you follow this procedure should you wish to report a post:
  • use the 'Report' link that appears under each forum post and follow the instructions - this sends your report to a Report Centre, which can be viewed by all moderators. The functionality there allows us to discuss the reports quickly and effectively
  • keep your reports brief, by which we mean a few lines. Moderators are able to determine whether a post breaks the forum rules by reading the posts themselves. Whilst context is important, we don't have time to read blow-by-blow accounts of 'he said this' and 'she did that' conversations going back several months/years
  • moderator decisions are final and we don't have time to engage in endless debate - if you want to influence the moderation style of the forum, you should discuss it in the Forum Help section or consider volunteering your services as a moderator ;)
A quick note too on consistency of moderation. When James ran the forum, he oversaw all decisions and the site had a clear editorial voice. Some liked it, some didn't. The advantage for the moderators though was that we provided a support service but knew that ultimately he'd make the final decision. Matt, on the other hand, is rarely here. That means that Elmo, Summit Lover and I have to make those final decisions ourselves. We are three people with differing opinions and no leader. Whilst we discuss moderation decisions regularly, this system is bound to lead to inconsistency. We all have full time jobs and Elmo and I struggle to get to the forums every day at present. That leaves Summit Lover shouldering much of the responsibility. For this reason, following the procedure above will help us significantly.

Thanks guys.
Mel, Forum Moderator

#2 gekko



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Posted 17 February 2012 - 01:04 PM

Well, it took less than two hours from posting this for someone to send me a PM about personal grudges and what-not. It's been sent to two of the mods but not the third for a reason that I have neither the time nor inclination to understand.

I am at work. I am trying to check in briefly to keep things ticking along. Unless I want to get fired, I don't have time to read these messages.

Plus, I'm just not that interested. Those of you who have fallen out, I like you all as individuals. I've drunk in the pub with you all over the years. But I couldn't give a rat's ass about your fall out. I don't want to know who you've fallen out with, why it happened, what she said to him or he to her, how x might be taken by y and used against z. I think I can speak for all the mods when I say, we've had enough. Deal with it offline and don't bring it here. We've spent months wading through this treacle, trying to understand the intricacies of the argument. If you (who are fully cognisant of the issue) can't sort it out between yourselves, how are we to have a hope of doing so?

So, report posts via the 'Report' function, allow us to deal with them in a way we, as moderators, see fit and don't send us long PMs that will just end up in the bin.

And, if you can't play nicely, play elsewhere.
Mel, Forum Moderator

#3 Summit Lover

Summit Lover


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Posted 17 February 2012 - 01:37 PM

I am in absolute agreement with Gekko. Please guys, use this site as a community resource, a vehicle for discussion and for fun. It is not here to be used as a vehicle to pursue individual grievances and nor will we allow it to be used in that way.

Self moderation is key, as there is v little moderating resource. We need your cooperation here.