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Bans, suspensions, moderation, admin...

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 11:06 AM

This is an announcement about the recent bans/suspensions.

These have happened in an attempt to restore some level of respect (toward other members, the site and/or me).

Very few members are ever at risk of being suspended, and warnings almost always go before any suspension (and a suspension usually goes before a ban).

I recently made a comment about respecting the owner of the house you're in. I stick to it and anyone who believes that I should keep paying the overhead while a small minority can come in and run riot with their own rules, abusing/winding up other members (or trying to wind me up), needs to think again.

My comments here aren't directed at a single member. And two members have been banned earlier today one who shouted abuse and then asked to be banned.

This type of stuff will no longer be tolerated nor will any abuse towards moderators or badmouthing me or the site. If anyone has that amount of disgust - go elsewhere.

I really wanted limited moderation on VN and the forum to self moderate, but the balance isn't there anymore. The vocal minority seem to have drowned out the very balanced membership we had a few years ago. I hope that they speak up and post more now that I've made it clear.

We don't need rules added for this - it's just treating people how you want to be treated and talking typing what you would say in public.

I will not always explain any bans/suspensions but there will always be a reason and you are welcome to PM/email them and they will respond to PMs when they return. There is no place for prolonged discussion and dissecting my decisions on VN.

If I have to be a tyrant to restore this order, then so be it.

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