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Posted 21 January 2013 - 05:45 PM

The VN wiki software has been updated. Visit it here or by clicking on "Wiki" in the navigation bar towards the top of the page.


Purpose of the VN Wiki


There have been some periods where the wiki is down (which hasn't helped) but even when it's been up and running it's been underused. Similar to Wikipedia, but with a smaller scope, VN's wiki is a collection of resources including a directory that are very local and useful to the community.


Previously we've had high maintenance pages like "Events in January" etc., and I think it's best if this information is better placed in the forum calendar. Personal photos and/or more unstructured collections of photos may best be placed in the gallery. If you have photos of particular places and a page exists (or you can create one) in the VN Wiki, then that would be awesome. Personal opinions and discussions can go in our most popular place the forum. However, if you are wanting more of a broadcast space and perhaps less discussion, the blogs section is a great place post your thoughts.


The wiki isn't a place for discussion (though you can discuss the wiki in the forum and link to wiki pages), but it is a collection of living documents. Registered members of VN are automatically logged into the wiki and can make edits and add resources to that section of the website.


As with all wikis there is the risk that people will add false information and make edits that are untrue or to push a personal agenda or simply to disrupt. I ask that all members be on the look out for such abuse and these edits can easily be reversed and restrictions placed on members.



Where to find wiki help


Our VN wiki section has its own help pages which show you how to add and edit pages. Also you can ask questions here. Editing the wiki does take a bit of getting use to but it is a great service that you are providing the community and VN. If you aren't able or interested in making edits, please take a look at the section anyway, you'll see that it offers some great information.



Next steps


As with all updates and changes to the forum software it helps if everyone is vigilant and can let me know if you spot a bug. A new homepage is coming to Virtual Norwood which will hopefully pull VN's resources together (wiki navigation section, recent news/posts/calendar etc.)


If you have a local business and would like free advertising (banners, links and perhaps an article related to some area of your business/industry) then please contact me at email.png



Thanks for your support.

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 11:10 AM

When will Virtual Norwood Wiki be fixed and back online?

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