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'Hare Of The Cat'

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Posted 11 June 2013 - 09:34 PM

A Mobile Cat Grooming Service


Every cat owner will at some stage encounter a few problems when living with a cat, and try to find the best way to resolve them. From dirty, greasy to matted fur, hairballs, fleas, allergies, dirty waxy ears, long sharp claws or ingrown nails, litter stuck in their paws and with their hair all over the place, we all face a challenge in how to have a clean, happy cat.


Cats are a very fastidious species, but all they can do is lick themselves. Over time as a cat licks itself it ingests large amount of dead loose hair that will result in hairballs, which can be a potential health risk. At the same time they create dander, a substance too small for the human eye to see, that is made up of dead skin cells and dried saliva. It is dander, which contains a protein Fel D1, that causes allergic reactions in humans.


Cat's skin is naturally oily, and as a result of living in a heated environment they shed all year around. Oily skin that makes the coat greasy can cause the hair that sheds to stick to the healthy coat rather than falling away. This, in turn creates a tangle. Over time, other small tangles form and grow bigger as more hair sheds and collects underneath. If nothing is done at this stage, the tangles will grow into mats and eventually fuse together creating a large thick pelt. This is extremely uncomfortable, very stressful and painful for the cat.


Contrary to the common belief that cats hate water, most will tolerate it and some enjoy it. The best way to keep them healthy, feeling and looking good is through a thorough degreasing bath and blow dry.


Is your cat in need of 'the hare of the cat' day?


'Hare of the Cat' offers the best grooming care for your pet from the comfort of your home.


Only the finest quality products, equipment and techniques are used to make your pet look and feel GREAT.


Ultimately, 'Hare of the Cat' blends love, knowledge, skill and an artistic eye to perfect your pets grooming experience and styling.


Cat grooming prices are given on an individual basis depending on the overall condition of the cat and its coat. All consultations are free.



Nina O'Hare


Camberwell Grove


07740 860 187