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4 Black Kittens Ready for Homes! Plus 2 Black Adult Cats

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 07:49 PM

I have four beautiful black (maybe with the slightest hint of tabby stripes in strong sunlight?) baby kittens now 8 weeks old and ready to find loving homes. 
I've been fostering them cats for Croydon Animal Samaritans, but I am due to leave the country soon so unfortunately cannot keep any of them, as much as I'd love to. Here are the kittens available:

1. Completely black (girl) 
2. Black with a bit of grey belly and a tiny bit of white on the tip of one back paw (boy) 
3. Black with a small white patch on tummy (girl) 
4. Black with a tiny white patch on tummy (boy) 
See my blog for pics and a video - http://lindseymountf...y-for-adoption/
They are very sweet kittens, still fluffy and small, who love nothing better than a paper bag to play in, or a bit of string to chase. They are affectionate and don't mind being picked up, and will sleep on your lap and cuddle up to you and purr. 

Also I have their mum, who is an elegant, sleek black lady with the glossiest coat you’ve ever seen, like an Egyptian statue or a panther. She’s small and we think she’s still a young cat, probably only around two years old. She loves having her head rubbed, she purrs lots and is very patient and calm. 

Finally, I have the kittens’ big brother, the mum’s boy from a previous batch of kittens, who again is all black but for six white hairs on his chest, we think he’s around 8 months old. He arrived very shy and unused to attention, but has blossomed into one of the most affectionate and adoring cats I’ve ever met, who constantly follows me, climbs on me and headbutts my hand for a stroke. 

Please note that a minimum donation of £65 is required per kitten for adoption. Thank you! This enables the charity to carry on helping the many cats that are referred to them for rehoming. 
If you'd like to know more, please call me on 07722 327 302 or email lindseymountford@gmail.com, or call Anna who works at the cat shelter on 020 8698 6813 or 07790 337119

Please consider the following important points when thinking of adopting a kitten or kittens:- 

1) Many people enquire about homing a single kitten. Are you at work all day? If so, a single kitten would get very lonely, it may be better to consider a pair of kittens to keep each other company during the long day. 

2) Can you keep a kitten or kittens indoors until they have been spayed/neutered? If you have children, what are the practicalities of them keeping doors and windows closed? 

3) Kittens become cats and can live to a ripe old age (up to 20 years at times) – it is a long commitment! 

4) Do you go away on holiday a lot – who will look after the cat or cats? 

5) Do you live on a busy road, or is the surrounding area very busy? If so, this is not an ideal place for a kitten to live – you may be better considering a ‘streetwise’ cat. 

6) Veterinary fees can be expensive. As a guide, annual vaccinations are approximately £30-£35 each (kittens need 2 vaccinations when they are 9 and 13 weeks old). Spaying and neutering costs £45-£55 per kitten. Check with your local vet for their tariff, as prices do vary. Feeding a cat will cost you a minimum of £5 per week. Your cat will also need regular flea and worm treatment. 

7) We do not home kittens to flats as we feel they should have a normal life and be able to explore a garden, feeling free to come and go through a catflap. The only circumstances in which we would consider homing a kitten to a flat would be if he/she was disabled or had a medical condition. 

These guidelines are for the best interests of the cats and also the new owners– remember that happy cats make happy cat owners!
Thank you for reading!


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