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Massive Chinese take away planned for CP.

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Posted 02 April 2015 - 04:41 PM

ha ha, oops! I swear it was more! Maybe I was drunk.


You'll be pleased to hear that the new cafe is likely to be licensed.

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Posted 09 July 2015 - 07:53 PM

Hi, things are progressing with Crystal Palace Park, with Bromley proposing a new designation status and vision for the park as a strategic outer London development centre (SOLDC).

Bromley are proposing SOLDC is "to maintain enhance and support the unique existing strategic cultural, sports, tourism and leisure functions of the Crystal Palace Park, and particularly the sub-regional importance of the National Sports Centre. maintaining and improving the park’s open setting and the visual and landscaping amenities which inform its character and that of the key heritage assets within its boundaries.


This could be a shift in the Bromley and GLA approach. In Q&A with the Mayor (Question No: 2014/0644) in 2014, the Mayor replied that he expected "strategically significant new cultural destination" (ie to allow up to a 200,000 sqm development on the North side of the park). But this new definition now being proposed seems more about enhancing the park by "restoring the wider park environment and complementing opportunities to strengthen nearby town centres".


I hope not significant, but they have not mentioned the Crystal Palace Acts as a planning consideration for the park. GH

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Posted 18 September 2015 - 08:06 PM

Bromley have now put Draft Allocations, Further Policies and Designations Document ready to view and comment between the following dates:


Start date: 17/09/15 14:00
End date: 31/10/15 17:00




Suggest the document needs to read in full, carefully. I've copied short summary sections on SOLDC and could be relevant to future Crystal Palace Park developments.


The GLA’s revised employment forecasts, 2015 London Plan and the Council’s review of industrial and office supply has led to identifying additional and revised proposed designations in relation to industrial and office use, the Biggin Hill SOLDC and proposed Crystal Palace SOLDC. 


Map1 shows the Proposed Commercial Designations, and the Crystal Palace SOLDC site.


The park presents opportunities to encourage growth of more than sub-regional importance beyond its boundaries particularly through visitor spend in Crystal Palace and other neighbouring town centres. The draft Crystal Palace SOLDC boundary was tested against the GLA's criteria for identifying SOLDCs. This is set out in the 'Crystal Palace's SOLDC Evidence Base paper'. This report can be viewed on the Consultation Portal in the Supporting Documents folder or via the Council's website Developing Bromley's Local Plan page.



The New Draft Policy:


Crystal Palace Strategic Outer London Development Centre
The Council will expect any proposals for the Crystal Palace Strategic Outer
London Development Centre (SOLDC) as defined on the policies map to maintain
enhance and support the unique existing strategic cultural, sports, tourism and
leisure functions of the Crystal Palace Park.


Any development proposals will be subject to other policies within the Local Plan,
notably Metropolitan Open Land policies and guidance related to the Crystal
Palace Park Conservation Area and will be required to be consistent with the
objectives identified as part of the approved masterplan for the park. They will
be expected to contribute to and/or strengthen as appropriate the sub-regional
importance of the SOLDC having regard to its specialist identified strengths
whilst maintaining and improving the park’s open setting and the visual and
landscaping amenities which inform its character and that of the key heritage
assets within its boundaries.


The Council will work with the Mayor, the community and other stakeholders to
ensure that development proposals and other initiatives within the SOLDC
contribute to the long term planning and regeneration strategies for the park and
support where appropriate the wider Crystal Palace, Penge and Anerley Renewal
Area objectives.


The SOLDC’s key strengths are underpinned by the presence of the National Sports Centre within the park and the historic and cultural significance of the park itself which draws visitors from London and beyond. The park shares its boundary with Lambeth, Croydon, Lewisham and Southwark and is of strategic significance for all of these boroughs as well.


The Crystal Palace Park is included within Bromley’s proposed Crystal Palace, Penge and Anerley Renewal Area where policy guidance seeks to maximise opportunities for proposals presented by Crystal Palace Park and to contribute and benefit from the thriving cultural and leisure economy of Crystal Palaces District Centre.  The council will work with stakeholders to seek and ensure complementarity between major development proposals and initiatives within the SOLDC and within the renewal area and the wider area of influence of the park where justified in strategic planning terms.


As all SOLDC development “…will be required to be consistent with the objectives identified as part of the approved masterplan for the park” then that appears well scoped and appropriate, albeit the Planning Context provided oddly excludes mentioning the Crystal Palace Acts.


The document adds, “It should be noted that a site for the Crystal Palace Free School either within Bromley or adjacent boroughs remains outstanding”, and there is to be Safeguarding Land policy for the “Tramlink from Beckenham Junction to Crystal Palace”.  Does anyone know if that’s land to Crystal Palace Railway Station or Crystal Palace Bus Station?  What is the UK or Bromley planning definition of “complementarity” as this will be ensured for major development proposals in the park for SOLDC?  GH

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Posted 26 October 2015 - 07:46 PM

This Nick Goy sounds like a right tw*t.


PLANNED PARK Chttp://www.newsfromc...chwitz-shed/AFEDESCRIBED AS ‘AUSCHWITZ SHED’

THE PLANNED new cafe for Crystal Palace park has been described as an ‘Auschwitz shed’ in an email from a local campaigner.

The comment comes in an email from Nick Goy of West Beckenham residents association following last Thursday’s meeting of a Bromley council plans sub-committee which decided to defer the application for the cafe which, if approved, will stand near the Penge gate.

A copy of the email has been seen by News From Crystal Palace.

News From Crystal Palace understands that Mr Goy has said the quote was from an unnamed resident.

West Beckenham Residents Association’s official website says it “covers an area of about five square miles in the wards of Clock House, the Beckenham side of Penge and Cator, and Kelsey and Eden Park.”

Nick Goy’s email (with one paragraph deleted by News From Crystal Palace) reads as follows:

Dear all,
FYI, I took the opportunity of speaking for three mins against the auschwitz-shed-like proposed eyesore cafe at Plans 4 Cttee this evening.
I did not have great hopes as this is a proposal backed by the council, with ‘free money’ from the GLA, being decided by the council.
I was to be surprised.
Visiting CP ward councillor, Angela Wilkins, not on the Cttee, spoke in favour of the thing, backed by the Chairman, Cllr Scoates and one of my own ward councillors, Vanessa Allen, whose only concern was insufficient toilets.
Cllr Fawthrop acknowledged the photos / architects impressions  I had sent, and criticised the design as being ‘neither fish nor foul’, neither modern, nor contemporary with a Victorian park.
Cllr Michael Turner seconded his motion to defer a decision to seek a better design, commenting on the unsightly weathering habit of wooden clad buildings.
The motion to defer was amazingly approved 5:2 (the two were Cllrs Scoates and Vanessa Allen).

I did, in correspondence raise a large number of issues, the principal one being that it is not the combined cafe + dinosaur interpretation centre consented in the 2007 Masterplan, which Bromley approved.
There are more problems with the proposal, see previous email attachments.

It is unclear how much of the design might change, eg maybe only cladding material, so it may come back not much different, but I was expecting the application to be rubber stamped.
It has taken a huge amount of work. The more you read beneath the gloss of ‘a new £875k cafe for CP Park’ the more you see how poor the design is.

In terms of value for public money, it is an appalling waste, too, in line with other large wastes of money on trophy architecture ideas in the park, not least the rusty, rotting £1m+ concert platform.

The existing cafe is in recently refurbished condition. It only suits some people’s purposes to be dismissive about it, eg political kudos or hopes of re-letting at higher rent. The money won’t go on maintaining the park, or the dinosaurs, or a new Trust. All that will happen is that Bromley will cut its funding quid-pro-quo, or even-more-pro-quo.

This deferral does not really help the family-run cafe business, unless the extra time is used, say, to send more objections in to the planning office and ward councillors, who all reportedly support it……..

………….To me, the mature park, with its delightful vestiges of its past, are what is great.
People keep using, abusing it, it for grandiose grant seeking schemes, or putting in ‘contemporary’ but quickly dated buildings that architects and consultants are happy to peddle to the decision makers and flatter their egos, for a price. This will be stunning, that will make money, etc.
A little more realism, humility, respect for nature, heritage, and the public’s views is required, in my view.
End of ramble

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