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Proposed closure/amendments to Rosendale Road to cars

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#1 loulabelle



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Posted 05 October 2015 - 07:28 PM

Hi everyone


Just wanted to make sure you're all aware about the consultation process as part of the Quietways programme. 


Rosendale Road is under consideration for drastic changes to enable cyclists to travel from Crystal Palace to Herne Hill (and ultimately Elephant and Castle) under the scheme.


Residents in the surrounding roads are really worried about these plans as they would mean huge volumes of traffic in previously quiet roads not designed to cope, with a massive knock on effect in other areas like Crofted road, to name but a few.


I'm genuinely interested as to whether you think this is a good idea.  As a cyclist I wouldn't choose that route, and of course there may be solutions which could be alternatives to this proposal, such as a part closure to enable safe passage of cyclists.


I have a sneaking feeling that the best route would be through Dulwich, but the college won't wash it...



Sustrans are conducting a consultation at the moment put the process is very loaded and not a little bit rubbish, so just seeking different ways to raise awareness and generate useful discussion on the topic.




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#2 halfwayup



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Posted 07 October 2015 - 03:23 PM

It doesn't seem to be a (remotely) direct route...!


Intrigued by the inclusion of half of Gipsy Hill...seems very strange

#3 TransitionTransport



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Posted 10 October 2015 - 06:22 PM

Gipsy Hill is a ridiculous route for a Quietway. Far more sensible to take a sliver from the bottom of Long Meadow & route cyclists from Dulwich Wood Ave around the edge of Paxton Roundabout that away. (Or even open Long Meadow up a bit & make a nice wide path for pedestrians & cyclists - though I know the half-dozen dog walkers that use it would raise merry hell if that were proposed).


Everyone I know who cycles from Crystal Palace to the City uses either Farquhar Road - Dulwich Wood Ave - Alleyn Park - College Road, or Crystal Palace Parade - Fountain Drive - College Road. Apart from a few brave/masochistic souls who take the Croxted Road.


The problem is that both routes carry an awful lot of traffic during the school run. On College Road you have to filter in to oncoming traffic by the school - when I've ridden with novice commuters (am a volunteer ride leader), they say they find this very intimidating.


So I know a bit of the politics on this Quietway - and there were reasons they wanted it to run through Lambeth for this bit. Partly that Quietways aren't supposed to use segregated bike lanes (which is what you'd have to do on the busier end of College Road through Dulwich), and partly that they wanted it to serve the eastern end of West Norwood & the southern end of West Dulwich, as they have a higher "potential" demographic than Crystal Palace -- TfL thinks the big hill will put people off, and in terms of the sort of people they want to see using Quietways (not your traditional Lycra warrior!) they might even be right.


I like the idea of pedestrianising Rosendale Road if it can be made to work - but if they're going to do it, they need to make sure they don't turn the smaller streets - or the key cycle route Alleyn Park - in to worse rat-runs than they already are. And it's absolutely unworkable unless they first reinstate the right turns from the South Circular on to Croxted Road & South Croxted Road. People use Rosendale Road to get to Crystal Palace from the north/west because Norwood Road's one big traffic jam, and you can't turn right from the A205 on to SCR.


In short - closing Rosendale Road in isolation is too crude an answer - but as part of a bigger picture of keeping traffic on the main roads & making those main roads work better, it could be good for the neighbourhood.

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