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Dog Waste disposal

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Posted 23 July 2016 - 01:49 AM

Hello all


Sorry to rant, but..


I have noticed over the last few months that while walking around the Anerley area that a number of bags of dog waste were littering the streets, or even hanging off bushes.  As the Council has cut the street cleaning budget, these 'hang' around for weeks / months.


This week, I went to put some paper out in our recycling bin, which is stored behind a wall at the side of the pavement (within arms reach as the Council require), and noticed a number of flies buzzing above it.  When I got closer I saw that the flies were being attracted by a bag of dog (you know what) that had been left in the bin.  A day later and another bag of $4!^  was deposited in the recycling bin - with many more flies with the current hot weather.


I've since noticed (and photographed) that there are a number of bags of the same 'stuff' left at the road edge of the curb, so they get squashed by a car's tyre when parking - potentially spraying the contents onto passers by. Not a nice scenario.


I have made a complaint to the Council about the lack of public litter bins for this kind of stuff - the local bins were removed as they were overflowing - not really a proactive response from LB Bromley...


This may be just one misguided dog owner that thinks bagging it is OK and leaves it wherever they can, but they should take it home to their OWN bins!!


[end of rant]