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#16 felix



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Posted 07 March 2006 - 01:38 AM

My goodness -- I can not believe that anyone finds Domalis "child friendlly" ... despite that fact that I was a regular with my little boy from the age of 5 days to 3 years ... we perserved shall we say, cos they did put babychinos on the menu after many years of asking for one (they should charge for them though) . but although we were not ever turned away or treated badyly we were tolerated purely cos my brat was reasonalbly well behaved/trained. I have heard and witnessed other reports from other parents who are still boycotting the place due to behaviour of certain staff members. But whatever, the double lattes are pretty consistent, daytime food cheap/good and better than a chain cafe. Do not live in CP anymore and have moved to region of the world where all establishments are smokefree and guaranteed good coffee ... just not as exciting though!
PS Domalis should recognise who their future patrons will be once all the new incoming couples have grown up and popped out their sprogs -- they will still want to come and have breakfasts etc or will they be pushed off to less populated establishments which actually want their money?

#17 twinkle



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Posted 15 May 2006 - 04:58 PM

has domalis changed its opening times??? was gonna go for a drink there at 8 but got the feeling theyve still got their original closing times of 6pm!!!
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#18 Tux



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Posted 16 May 2006 - 08:28 AM

I for one quite like Domali's. Sure the staff are bad, and the food is less than amazing, but I do think it is one of the nicer places to eat, provided you go when it is quiet. Go at the weekend for brunch, and your asking for trouble!!!

#19 howdy



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Posted 16 May 2006 - 08:47 AM

I for one quite like Domali's. Sure the staff are bad, and the food is less than amazing

Ha! Precisely the reasons I don't like it (except I would be a little harsher on the food front)

#20 eyedropper



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Posted 16 May 2006 - 11:49 AM

It's precisly because Domali is Child Freindly that I try to avoid it, unless it's later on. Still, each to their own, and it's good that all sections of the community have options.

Interesting that both parents described their own children as 'brats'...

#21 Helen



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Posted 16 May 2006 - 12:48 PM

We went for brunch at Domalis on Sunday for the first time in ages. We used to love it in here when we first moved to the area but it has gone downhill in my opinion. They need to have a complete overhall of the menu which has remained unchanged for years and the could probably do with cutting it by half as well! (and the bread quantity)

We returned on Sunday cos we dont like to give up on an old fave but we wont be going back to repeat the experience! The eggs benedict left alot to be desired.

It is still a good place to go early evening for a happy hour drink though... ;)

#22 Mango


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Posted 07 June 2006 - 12:21 PM

I went in today for the first time in ages and noticed that they have flyers (already filled in) that you just put your name too which can enter Domali's as cafe of the year on LBC.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! Good joke Domali

They could win an award for arrogance that's for sure.

Having sampled the food after such a long break, it'll be a lot longer before I go in again.

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#23 jannism



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Posted 12 June 2006 - 01:57 PM

Well at least the drinks were free on Friday night for their tenth birthday party...

...every cloud, eh?

#24 Bosie



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Posted 18 July 2006 - 09:32 AM

I went to Domalis yesterday, my third time, and have had a lovely meal everytime I have been. I think the food is good value, although I have always had the 'special' in the daytime. The staff are friendly and I particularly like the art that they currently have on the walls. They seem to vary the menu often, which is good and they play around with interesting recipes - plantain, coconut and chilli soup yesterday - delicious.
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#25 tinpan



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Posted 11 February 2007 - 04:19 PM

I have to say that since moving to the palace in September, Domali's has become a real favourite. I have ALWAYS found the staff helpful and friendly and the food tasty and reasonably priced. The place does get packed (with loads of children too) but the service doesnt falter. Have been in at all times of the day, either alone or with friends and enjoy it each time. Spent a lovely couple of hours in their yesterday and am surprised by the negative comments on this page.

#26 elleme



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Posted 15 February 2007 - 12:46 PM

I think it's probably because others, like me, had one too many bad experiences of it over the 10 years they have been open - and it always seemed overpriced when so much of the menu consisted of large hunks of bread at the time. I liked it for the first couple of years, then it seemed to go downhill. The last time I ate in there, I had something rather flavourless with large amounts of pitta - just as well it was large amounts since some of it was burned black. It was replaced after I complained, but the chef seemed to think it was highly amusing. And that was me giving the place 'one more chance' after not having been in there for about 2 years prior to that. To be fair, that was probably over a year ago, and there is always the possibility it has improved both in terms of the service and food.

#27 Helen



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Posted 16 February 2007 - 11:28 AM

We really liked Domali when we first moved to the area two and a half years ago. However I have lost count of the times we have been there and the service has been a shambles. Every time we have given it 'one last chance' they have either messed up the bill, given us someone else’s food/drinks, and trying to pay the bill at times can take ages - annoying sometimes when you have only had a cuppa!

We have given up going on the busy Sat/Sun mornings. Personally I find the atmosphere a little stressful and unrelaxing. It can get really noisy in there (the juicer in particular) and it can also get really smoky - something I find quite strange for a place known to be family friendly

It is still a nice enough place to go for a early evening drink after work - nice and relaxed with candles and everything.

#28 Richard Williams

Richard Williams


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Posted 16 February 2007 - 12:14 PM

and it can also get really smoky - something I find quite strange for a place known to be family friendly

Roll on 1st July

#29 ajames



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Posted 16 February 2007 - 01:22 PM

Helen has summed up our experience exactly (even down to being in CP for the same amount of time). We now go for a quick drink after work if at all.

#30 Michael



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Posted 03 April 2007 - 09:49 PM

I've been in there twice in the past week and both times have been great. Service was good (new staff) and very friendly, and we didn't have to wait very long at all for our orders to arrive. However haven't tried the food for a while, all we had these two times was chips with garlic mayo :lol: