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13 Auckland Place, West Norwood

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#1 JeanneHandley



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Posted 02 September 2006 - 06:59 AM

Hello Friends,
Would anyone happen to know where Auckland Place used to be?
And does anyone know what the name of the school at the intersection of Auckland Hill and Gipsy Road?
Jeanne Handley,
Delia Heath's Daughter

#2 James



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Posted 02 September 2006 - 11:06 AM

Photo of Auckland Place, Auckland Hill c.1950 ...

I think the school you are referring to is this one...

http://www.virtualno...education.shtml - "Lambeth Day Nursery"
http://www.londononl...ofiles/118728/# - "Norwood Day Nursery Co-operative" SE27 9NP

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#3 sportla



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Posted 03 September 2006 - 11:32 PM

The schools that I remember are Norwood Park Primary and next to it was the Norwood Girls Secondary. At one time both schools shared the same large building
the secondary school using the top floor.


#4 JeanneHandley



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Posted 04 September 2006 - 03:48 AM

Thank you!
Mum said that she went to a all girls school.
Does the school that I see on the satilite picutre still have the same name now on Gypsy Road and Auckland Hill?

#5 iclipper


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Posted 04 September 2006 - 12:29 PM

No - Norwood Girls is now on elder Road/Central Hill around the corner by Norwood Park
It used to be based over two sites but now just has the one site

The school on Gipsy Road is empty.

#6 JeanneHandley



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Posted 05 September 2006 - 12:50 AM

Thank you Clipper, for your reply.
Hoping to learn even more as time goes on.
Jeanne Handley

#7 JeanneHandley



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Posted 10 June 2007 - 12:16 PM

Hello Friends,
Here is the report of my visit to West Norwood on May 28.
I was so exited to visit London, my first time, and after flying 9 hours, and planning a wonderful trip, including a train trip to Scotland,
I arrived in West Norwood on May 28, a monday, and a bank holiday. I had no idea.
The Norwood Cemetery was open, but there was no one in the office. St Lukes was closed and the West Norwood Libary was closed. Ohhhhh I was crushed.
But I visited the Cemetery knowing that my Grandfather, Alexander Allan (Allen) Heath (died 1923) was there in spirit even tho the bombs
took away the gravesite, so their was nothing to see.
I stood on the steps of St. Lukes Church (there was scaffolding, so there is restoration going on, that's a good thing)
and imagined my Mother walking from her house on 13 Auckland Place over to the church for Sunday Service.
I wish I could have gone inside.
I walked across toward Auckland Hill and found where maybe Auckland Place used to be. I think it was where Dunbar Street is now.
We examined the Railway bridge and determined it to be post war, My mom does not remember this railway station, maybe thats why.
I walked all the way up the hill to Gypsy Road, stopped in the Pub at the top of the hill, talked with a few people but they were too young to remember.
Looked at a couple of schools on Gypsy Road also sporting scaffolding, and some surly security guards who wouldn't even talk with a history seeking Yank, who came a long way to see some family history. Was looking for Gypsy Road Girls school, but not sure whether I found it or not.
We took alot of pictures of the area, including some of the oldest buildings, a fire station etc.
We stopped at a Pub on High Street for a cup of Tea because it was very chilly.
I hope to visit again someday, but I left with a little insight about my mother's childhood and growing up in West Norwood before WWII.
I showed my Mom the picture of Auckland Place in the Lambeth Archives but she said that it was not the place she grew up, it must have been built after the bombs, I could not find that place pictured there, so some remodeling has been done since then.
A few days previously we visited the Dungeon area, in London where there is a WWII museum, depicting the blitz in London, very insightful exhibit.
Jeanne Handley
Daughter of Delia Heath

#8 malcolmjanes



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Posted 21 November 2007 - 10:52 AM

I was born during WW2 at the house occupied by my familly for 40 years, at the top of Hamilton Road, West Norwood. My mother, older brother and I attended Salters Hill (mixed) Primary school just round the corner. About Easter 1954 we were rehoused to 3 Auckland Place, West Norwood.

Auckland Place was a line of 4 pre fabricated dwellings along its own narrow footpath cul-de-sac, down two steps at the junction of Auckland Hill and Pilgrim Hill (north side). ref:1
Prefabs - wonderful places: electricity, indoor toilet, bathroom, hot water, a fire that heated the place, a refridgerator.... such luxury we had never seen before. ref:2

I understood that the plot of land was 'gifted' by the Luftwaffe early on in WW2 trying to hit the nearby rail viaduct at West Norwood station. A larger number of prefabs ajoined Auckland Place over towards the Norwood cemetery wall but was not connected. They were accessed via Dunbar Place. ref:3 This extended plot may have been as a result of the same 'gift'or the result of a V1 later in the war that caused considerable damage from the entrance area of the cemetery, and across the cemetery in that direction. All the prefabs were built, I believe, about 1948.

Entering the footpath of Auckland Place, on the right were 3 or 4 small, terraced cottages. Set back from Pilgrim Hill, they had narrow front gardens with gates onto the footpath of Pilgrim Hill, just below a large white house that was a monumental stonemasons, giving their address as Pilgrim Hill. The Auckland Place end of the terrace was a rough wall, giving the appearance that a further house/houses had been sheared off.
At the back of the line of 4 prefabs was a row of 3 storey tenements that was Cranfied Place, a cul-de-sac from the junction of Norwood High Street and Auckland Hill, terminated by Dunbar Place. ref:4
The four prefabs were inhabited from new by: no.1 Ellis, no.2 Bendixen, no.3 White, no.4 Lees (to mid/late 50's - I don't know who followed) I lived at no.3 from 1954 to 1963 when I married. In 1965 I moved out of London but kept contact until early 70's.
Various maps, Google Earth and (my favourite for clarity) Live Earth, show the area to have been redeveloped with Dunelm Close covering Auckland Place. ref:5

I hesitate to say at this time, but very faint, distant bells ring for the name of 'Heath'. I seem to connect it with the house in Cranfield Villas backing on to us at no.3. I really am not certain.

References are to relevant photos on www.Landmark.Lambeth, and I pass the following comments:
ref:1 'Pilgrim Hill' (2003)
In the 50's an unmade road, only building was large white house, a monumental stonemason Minter? Road could be close off with pair of gates. Note protruding fence where one gate was hinged, the other side was the white post I think. The red road cone on the pavement on the right is just where I used to park my motorcyle, as one could in those days, unlocked. It wasn't easy getting even a small m/c up and down Auckland Place. The house on the left is approximately the position of the terraced cottages front gardens. Auckland Place entrance would be maginally off to the left hand side. The brick rail arch referred to by JeanneHandley would be behind the camera.
ref:2 'Prefabricated House, Royal Street, Lambeth'
Similar prefab to Auckland Place as opposed to earlier Nissen hut style. Conveniently with tall tenements behind!
ref:3 'Dunbar Place 1967'
Extended site of prefabs can be seen at bottom of the road with the back of the stonemasons on Pilgrim Hill. Auckland Place is off to the right at the bottom, near the lampost, although there was no access through the prefabs on the right of Dunbar Place to Auckland Place. Contrast with photo 'Wood Street 1914' although this could be the other cul-de-sac fork of Dunbar Place.
ref:4 'Cranfield Close' (2003)
As it is now with tenements gone. Part of Dunelm Close shows across the end.
ref:5 'Dunelm Close'

Of interest would be photo 'Auckland Hill c.1890' It shows a view from the top of Auckland Hill down the rail embankment/viaduct towards the station and St. Lukes Church. At the bottom of the hill can be seen an open area on the right where Pilgim Hill crosses and Auckland Place would be later. On the far side of the open space, showing just in front of St Lukes, is a building a right angles to Auckland Hill - Cranfield Place before the 3 storey tenements? The centre field of the photo shows the south side of the rail embankment area, East Street/Dunkirk Street. East Place is probably too low down alongside the railway to show.

There is a photo on this site titled 'Auckland Place'. This is wrong. It shows a row of tenements similar to Cranfield Place but it is not either location. I have had discussions with Lambeth archevist who is in agreement and would appreciate help to identify it. Loughbourough Junction area?

JeanneHandley - you were nearly right.

#9 JeanneHandley



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Posted 21 November 2007 - 01:12 PM

Thank you Malcolm, interesting read.
My mom has been here in the states since 1957, leaving England during the late 40's, living in South Africa and Austrailia.
I am hoping to make another trip to England again, for I found London to be vibrant and I missed so many things the first time.
Thank you for taking the time to tell your story, I really appreciate that.
Jeanne Handley

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Posted 09 January 2015 - 03:22 PM

It was off Auckland hill by pilgrim Hill my Grandparents the Harveys lived next door to the Stonemasons, He married a Simpson from the other end of pilgrim Hill,
The school your referring to is Gipsy road I will put a old picture on here!
Attached File  received_10152984305817170.jpeg   73.3KB   1 downloads
If you go on Facebook Memories of West Norwood and Crystal Palace
And Memories of West Norwood,
You will see old photo going back to 1800s and photo of roads Names of family's etc, If your Parents moved away in the 50s they will know these names