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How do I remove a make-up spill on a carpet?

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Posted 28 August 2007 - 11:18 AM


I had clumsy moment this morning and dropped a bottle of make-up (foundation) on our light beige carpet, boyfriend not happy and me very annoyed at myself :( . . .
I mopped up the excess immediately (dabbing) and then sprayed on Vanish Vanish Oxi Action Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover and followed instructions. However when I left to go to work the stain was till looking very obvious. Does anyone have any hints on how to get this out? I've done a search in t'interweb and read about 'isopropyl rubbing alcohol', but have no idea what it is, where I'd get it or indeed if I want to put that on a beige wool carpet (would it damage or bleach it?).

Please help!

#2 360 Degrees

360 Degrees


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Posted 28 August 2007 - 03:30 PM


These things happen to all of us!

I work alongside a Carpet Cleaning Company and they always recommend that their Clients never use any 'under the Kitchen cupboard' cleaning products, as they are invariably too harsh and often get rid of the stain but leave a lighter, bleached out mark. The best method to get rid of this stain is to blot up the excess as you have done, and call out a professional cleaner to remove the make up stain the best they can, with the right commercial grade products. As the machines they use are very powerful they can get right to the bottom of the carpet to clean out all the stain, without using harsh abrasive chemicals as you would normally use with 'home remedies'.

If you really do not want to go the that length, worse ways you can use a mild soapy water solution, being careful not to over drench the surface of the carpet to clean off the foundation.

Should you wish to know more about the carpet cleaner please either PM me or contact me by one of the methods below.

Hope this helps!
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Posted 28 August 2007 - 08:31 PM

I usually manage to remove the odd stain on carpets and clothes with a baby wipe, which are invaluable. Failing that, foundation usually washes off skin quite easily so why can't you use a bit of warm water and blot that up as you go?
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Posted 29 August 2007 - 08:51 AM

Thanks Sylvester and 360 degrees

Actually the stain is looking less prominent, but I think 360's advice is sound and I'll probably get the carpet professionally cleaned (it could probably do with it anyway!).

Thanks again for the replies!

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 02:28 PM

If you can't afford to use professionals to remove make-up stains from carpet you can try the following:
Apply methylated spirit to a clean white cloth or white paper towel and blot the stain. Discard the dirty towels and repeat using fresh paper towels and more methylated spirit until the stain is gone. Don't let the alcohol penetrate the carpet backing, as it could destroy the rubber lining. If the alcohol treatment doesn't work, lightly apply a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of mild washing-up liquid and 1 litre of water. Use a blotting motion to work the solution into the affected area. Blot with a clean peper towel to remove the solution, Rinse by lightly spraying with water and blotting. Do this untill all the suds are gone, then spray again lightly with water. Instead of blotting this time, lay a pad of paper towels down, put a weight on it, and let it dry. Finally, if that doesn't help, moisten the stained tufts with 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide and let stand for one hour. Blot and repeat untill the stain is gone. No rinsing is neccessary.

This method can also be used for other stains, such as chocolate, hair spray, shoe polish.