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Island Fusion

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#16 guineagirl



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Posted 27 September 2008 - 09:29 PM

Just back from my first trip to Island Fusion and really impressed with the food, drink and general atmosphere. I had the fish of the day, which was snapper, and absolutely delicious.

Only down sides were how hot it was in there, and whilst the service for the food/drink was great, they were a bit slow about bringing the bill - but would hardly be the first restaurant in the world to be guilty of that.

Also very impressed that they were bringing round jugs of iced tap water (which helped offset the heat) and topping everyone's glasses up - no-one was drinking bottled water, and the jugs were offered as a matter of course, before you'd even looked at the menu you were offered water, which we appreciated very much as we'd walked up the hill and were in need of a cool drink!

#17 claudia



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Posted 20 October 2008 - 09:06 AM

Went here for the first time last week, was really looking forward to trying something new on the high street.

But I have to say, it was one of the worst, if not the worst restaurant i've been to in recent years (excluding motorway cafes and things like that).

First, the service was shambolic. There were only 4 people in the restaurant when we went - us and one other couple, so how the waitress copes when there's a full house I have no idea.

My partner and I aren't too bothered by that sort of thing and at first we found it quite funny, and the amateurish way things were done was acutally quite sweet. So we laughed when the waitress:

... took our order and left without asking how my partner wanted his steak, then came back to check if he'd asked for "well done" or "medium well done" ?! when he said, "um, actually i'd like medium rare." she replied "oh!! I wrote down medium well done." She hadn't asked at all so must have been hearing things.

... came and took our starter cutlery away, then came back 5 minutes later and put them back on the table because she'd forgotten we're ordered starters

we laughed less when she then came and told us she had actually forgotten we'd oredered starters, hadn't told the kitchen, and our main courses were ready. She didn't actually tell her boss that until after she'd told us - we were sitting near the bar and her boss overheard, and decided to tell the waitress off for messing up the order whilst standing in the restaurant with my partner's plate in her hand.

Even though I only really went so I could have plantain and ackee starters, and wasn't really bothered about my main course, we still would have gone back after all that. But then the main courses came up, and were really disappointing and not value for money at all. My partner's medium rare - medium well(?!) steak was just one of those really cheap cut thin "frying steaks" with 2 prawns, not much for 20. And my pork was nothing special (the jerk was way too hot for me but that's not their fault).

On the plus side, they did offer us a drink as an apology at the end, but by that time we just wanted out of there - we went next door to Budgens and got some icecream to take home. Definitely won't be going again - may nominate them for Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares though.

#18 Summit Lover

Summit Lover


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Posted 23 October 2008 - 08:35 PM

We ate there a about 3 monhs ago - have been meaning to go back ever since (too much choice in CP!). It was great to eat things outside of my normal comfort zone, I thought the food was delicious, and the service was intimate and friendly.

We were treated to a desert that was laced in the strongest, sweetest rum I have ever encountered - will go back soon.

#19 cathyh



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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:33 AM

glad to hear it has improved as it was dreadful when we visited soon after opening, rubbery chicken, greasy starters, microwaved bread and tame spices. service was pleasant and the cocktails were generous so with better food it could offer a nice nite out

#20 Sevenof9



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Posted 05 February 2009 - 04:49 PM

I went there last Saturday evening after turning away from the Exhibition Rooms - my friend wanted something spicer (other than me). :rolleyes:

Anyway the food was great and the service was good - he keeps commenting that he would like to go back soon. We were absolutely stuffed and didn't have room for dessert, but we'll remedy that that next time. :D

#21 Spoon


    Paolo Di Catio's mum

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Posted 22 February 2009 - 05:53 PM

We went here for dinner last night. For a Saturday, it was fairly busy, though not full.

The waitress was pleasant and the manager really friendly.

Mr Spoon had seafood soup and declared it delicious. I had crab, which was crab meat mixed with peppers and served in the shell. It was very nice indeed. Mains consisted of the island curry for Mr Spoon, with rice and peas, and the jerk pork with sweet potato mash and a coleslaw side for me. I found the pork had a real kick but Mr Spoon said it was fairly mild. You can guess which of us has Tabasco in the cupboard at home, if that tells you anything about the spiciness - if you're only averagely spicy, as I am, you might feel the kick on the back of your tongue but if you're spice-tastic, like Mr Spoon, you will probably find it milder. We really liked all of it. We had wine, which was fine, no complaints.

The manager said the owner was the same person who'd opened the site's previous incarnation, Crystals. Towards the end of the evening, the owner did come in and she said hello. She'd got fed up with the late-night drunks in a bar so turned it into this restaurant. It's now about a year old (time flies!) and so far going well. We will go back.

#22 Simply Me

Simply Me


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Posted 03 March 2009 - 01:09 PM

I went there over the weekend and was very impressed. I had the platter to share and ended up ordering more as it was so delicious.

I had the curry mutton for my main. My family is from Jamaica and so I'm very fussy with my curry. It wasn't hot enough for me, but that could be because I like my curry hot. It was well cooked though, and it was a good size portion.

The cocktails were fab, and they kept my water glass topped up.

I used my taste london card and they took it without fuss.

I will definitely go back again.

#23 Muffy



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Posted 11 April 2009 - 05:25 PM

I recently went to Island Fusion and really enjoyed the food and the wine
Really helpful service too
Highly recommended

#24 twinkle



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Posted 08 May 2009 - 09:33 AM

Felt lazy last night and remembered that Island Fusion has started home deliveries
phoned up - got a lovely lady on the phone taking my order and within 30 minutes the food arrived piping hot. We had jerk breast of chicken , rice & peas and some plantain...absolutely gorgeous - nice and spicey and great portions... It is a little more expensive than your usual takeaway but having a lovely cooked-through breast of chicken was a bonus! Our plates were clean after scoffin' it all..... ^_^
You must try it....
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#25 danielm



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Posted 15 May 2009 - 10:18 AM

I've eaten here twice recently: once in the restaurant itself and once for home delivery. The jerk chicken is marvellous -if you really like your hot chilli - and the curries and stew peas have a good rating too. Take away is much cheaper than eating in (almost half price I think). This place really deserves to do well.

#26 peggysue



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Posted 16 May 2009 - 08:06 PM

Decided to have a takeaway tonight based on some of the positive reviews on this forum - can only concur. Have never eaten West Indian cuisine - the flavours were just delicious, really different and so tasty, the meat was tender and succulent. The lady on the phone was happy to explain what some of the ingredients were (and almost enticed me to try their cheesecake - I might have to try it next time!). The food arrived promptly, with a smile. Good value - would spend about the same on an Indian takeaway. Will definitely be giving the restaurant try too. For info, we had ackee and saltfish parcels, coconut chicken curry and white rice and jerk chicken with rice and peas. All delicious, fresh and very tasty. If I must make a tiny criticism the white rice that I had with the curry was perhaps a bit clumpy - but the rice and peas was so good I'd have that next time anyway. Recommend!

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#27 mike73



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Posted 22 May 2009 - 07:28 AM

Went for the first time last night..... What a fantastic little hidden gem!! Food and wine were fantastic as were the staff, can't wait to go back.

If you like spice then this is the place for you, the jerk chicken was superb!!!! Crikey i'm salivating thinking about it!!!