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The Exhibition Rooms

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#61 Kristopolis



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Posted 18 August 2008 - 01:14 PM

Oh dear! Being a regular foodie around SE19 I was looking forward to trying and supporting this new location here at CP.

Sadly, from the very start there was an air of disorder about the place.

The barman was clearly flustered with pending orders but took all of ours (verbally) nonetheless, only to get a couple of them completely wrong, which only added to his fluster.

Once seated at our table it took 45 minutes for the waitress to take our food order and due to the noise level we couldn't hear her explaining the specials and nor could we hear each other so our party inadvertently split into 3.

The menu seemed very 'safe'. No real surprises or delights.

A basket of rolls was offered to us, none of which were quite baked enough, pale and limp.

3 of us ordered the burger, only to have the waitress return to explain they were sold out!

2 of us then went with fish and chips. One order of fish and chips was clearly forgotten so one of us had to watch the rest of the party eat before their fish and chips arrived 15 minutes later.

The fish and chips was wholly forgettable. A thin slither of nondescript white fish in a doughy batter.

It took 3 requests before the ketchup arrived by which time the meal was cold.

And when the bill came it was certainly on the pricey side, averaging 30 per head with wine and one drink prior to the meal.

A wholly disappointing experience from beginning to end.

I would like this place to do well but won't be going back until I hear more consistently positive reports from local friends.

#62 Helen



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Posted 19 August 2008 - 08:16 AM

Went there for the first time last night and it was fantastic. We had starters of seared tuna and sardines followed by ribeye steaks with bernaise sauce. The food was delicious and the staff were lovely. Really looking forward to going back.

#63 OurPippin



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Posted 21 August 2008 - 12:13 PM

We've been twice now and love the place. It has a great interior and even if the service is a little bit random at times, the food has been to our liking. The prices are what you would expect to pay for this kind of stuff in this kind of setting I think. WOuld be nice to have plates with the bread at the beginning and sometimes the mains could do with a little more adornments (some dressing on the salad with the burger), but all in all, we just plain like it and will be going back!!

#64 MiniFox



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Posted 22 August 2008 - 07:35 PM

I went last night, expected little and was really surprised
It was really good
Loved the food and actually the service was great!
Wasnt sure about the bar, but I was in a funny mood. The cocktails, however, were truly truly something else. Thank God I dont live nearer or I'd never leave

#65 jannism



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Posted 22 August 2008 - 09:33 PM

Went here last week. We were only going to have drinks in the bar as they were fully booked but we couldn't seem to leave the bar at a sensible time and eventually a table (for 6+!) became available.

My memory of the evening is somewhat hazy so it would be unfair of me to post anything other than to say it turned out to be quite reasonable on the wallet. The service was a bit hit and miss, but the waitress was admirably charming and courteous and the food was very tasty.

I do recall the furniture in the bar being slightly too large for its environment, however. Smaller chairs etc would be a wise business decision.

I'm sure I'll be back. :)

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#66 Norwood lad

Norwood lad


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Posted 25 August 2008 - 07:35 PM

Went with a few to fill up the big table the other week & had a good time.

Food good overall, although not that huge portions.

Good addition to the triangle. However two minor quibbles.

1)Those awnings do the restaurant no favours with the Spirit of Brasil branding. Hald my party were slightly confused as they thought they were in a Brzailian restaurant but n Brazilian food.

2) The lighting (like the downstairs bar & courtyard BTW) as you descend the stairs is very very bright. Could do with a cover or less powerful bulb to temper the light.

#67 gekko



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Posted 26 August 2008 - 09:04 AM

We went for the second time on Saturday night (first time was for the freebie meal). I think we left with rather mixed feelings about the place to be honest. The good stuff first - the food was lovely. For starters we had the chicken livers, which were very tender and tasty and the sardines, which were less remarkable but good nonetheless. For mains we had the duck - excellent and the sea bass - my partner had this and it looked great. The best bit was the white pear, which had been marinated in red wine and spices and tasted just like mulled wine; it really was something else. I had the trifle, which was good but not as great as the first time I had it.

I have to say that I found the service mostly indifferent although we were served by a number of people, some better than others. We had to request a wine menu as one wasn't provided and then when we got the wine we were being topped up at a rate of knots by various members of staff and had to ask them to hold off. I got the feeling our request was not appreciated and that they were hoping to get us through the first bottle by the arrival of the main course so we'd be obliged to order another. However, we weren't playing ball; the bottle we chose was over 20 and was going to last the whole meal especially as the tab came to nearly 80 for the two of us. I actually think the pricing is pretty reasonable for the quality of the food and wine but I'm feeling a bit 'credit-crunchy' at the moment and wouldn't have wanted to push the bill over 100 by having that second bottle. The portions aren't huge so if that's your bag then maybe it's not the place for you. However, I don't have a massive appetite so for me they were perfect.

Contrary to the review above, I thought the lighting was fine. I'd expect it to be bright on the stairs so people can see where they are going and in the bar downstairs the lights were dimmed. I can't comment on the courtyard as I didn't visit it. The toilets were interesting of course and I encountered a scenario of two of us coming out of the toilets just as two guys came in. So that made four of us in the tiny bit where the sink is trying to manoeuvre ourselves into the right positions :D . It was quite amusing but a potential recipe for disaster.

I would go back but wouldn't make it a regular haunt. It seemed to lack atmosphere to be honest although we didn't have the best table in the house, which may have contributed to this. I think that if there was more of a laid-back vibe and some warmth in the service this place could be great but for me, it doesn't yet give Mediterranea a run for its money.
Mel, Forum Moderator

#68 sampilger



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Posted 27 August 2008 - 08:39 AM

Are they going to put up a proper sign up front. At the moment there isn't one, so with that advert it looks like a Brazilian restaurant...

#69 JulesF



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Posted 27 August 2008 - 10:54 AM

From my experience it was more style than substance I'm afraid. Both the food and the service were inferior to what you would get at Joanna's for pretty much the same price. The decor was lovely, but it's not somewhere I would return too particularly regularly.

#70 philipburgoyne



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Posted 31 August 2008 - 06:39 PM

lunch at the exhibition rooms... should have been great...food was really top drawer until the chance of afters- cheese and crackers it said...now i had sunday roast so cheese and biscuits crackers...
no we got the lovely bread we get in mediterranea with seeds with a very spicy chutney... no its not good cheese and crackers please... i mentioned this to the waitress and she returned to say that is how chef intended it ... i went to the local and bought some carrs and quietly enjoyed cheese...and on the way out i grabbed a menu and pointed problem out.... not for me not again... i worked hard on saturday and i longed for james clarke and ALCHEMY a lesson to be learned

#71 CrystalParis



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Posted 01 September 2008 - 12:02 PM

Tried the winebar here on Sat night. We were not impressed by the "sparkling water" which was delivered in what looked like a hugh specimen bottle and was flat, flat, flat. Apparently they "filter" it there. Also found the place a bit bland.

We should have stayed in Numidie!

#72 keitha



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Posted 01 September 2008 - 12:07 PM

I went here on Friday and found the food excellent, reasonably priced for the quality, and a good wine list. My only complaint is that the restaurant was very nosiy - I couldn't hear much of the table conversation once the place had filled up; there were several very shouty tables, but even so, they need to do something about the acoustics. The noise made a 45 minute wait to order desserts pretty excruciating.

#73 Billy S

Billy S


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Posted 08 September 2008 - 12:44 PM

Went there last night and had a great time. Three courses, with two glasses of wine each came to 40.00.
I had Gazpacho Soup, followed by Roast Beef then the Passion Fruit trifle with shortbread.
All beautifully presented and very tastey. Then went on to try the cocktails - the Black Forest Martini is so lovely - very creamy. Also had the Russian Spring Punch, Old Fashioned Nutty (I think that's its name) amongst others.

Host was Brian who was hilarious. A great time there, and definitely a shot in the arm for CP.
Love The Triangle...

#74 legin76


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Posted 08 September 2008 - 06:32 PM

Went to The Exhibition Rooms on Saturday and had a brilliant time.

Food was excellent, although dessert did take a while to arrive. Will definetly be going back.

#75 Retired Member 1

Retired Member 1


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Posted 08 September 2008 - 09:24 PM

Went to the exhibition room tonight for a proper dinner and I had an excellent time.

The food was very good and promptly served (without rushing), there were (I think) 6 tables busy and it was a nice atmosphere without too much noise so conversation flew smoothly (so did the nice bottle of Portuguese red wine)!

We both had the crabs as starter - nice choice. Then other half had the rib eye steak (no surprise there) that he liked, he just moaned - lightly - for the below average size of the steak, though he is a steak eater and unless his steak weighs 2 pounds (or more) he's never happy!!! Taste and cooking were at "his" standards so top mark there. I had the open tart with vegetables (tomato buffalo mozzarella) - very nice indeed (though I wish the London restaurants' trend to overload the veg dishes with rocket salad will come to an end). Taste and cooking were great.

Other half had the peaches cooked in red wine as dessert (with mascarpone cheese) - he recommends them. I had a "safe" chocolate ice cream (I behaved) very nice.

Service was very good indeed. The guy who looked after our table was attentive (very goodlooking too) and offered a very good service; looking after us without being our necks. Whover he is, he deserved the tip 100% marks on him!!

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