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Tamnag Thai

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#61 globalviks



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Posted 30 April 2008 - 11:22 AM

I've eaten here a few times now - the huge selection of vegetarian food is a draw for me and the carnivores accompanying me have been equally impressed with the wide range of food on the menu. Once or twice my meal hasn't arrived as ordered - but then I am a tricky one with several allergies so am used to that and a quick word with the waiter usually ensures my food is whisked away and quickly replaced with my correct order although no apology is ever offered. Echoing many of the other comments on here, I have found service to be on the slow side and was not impressed with the staff who can be a little on the surley and discourteous side which does detract from what would otherwise be a fantastic restaurant. On the last occassion I was here we were ushered off our table with no time to order dessert (not necessarily a bad thing) or finish our drinks because someone else was waiting for our table! Still the food has always been good and its a bustling restaurant with a good atmosphere so no doubt I will be back there again.

#62 Paramali



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Posted 25 May 2008 - 10:02 AM

Went on Friday. Food good as always (tho' not as good as South East). But service excruciatingly slow despite the place being nearly empty and staff (bar one girl) surly. This seems to be par for the course lately!

#63 Uncle Wilf

Uncle Wilf

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Posted 27 May 2008 - 07:03 AM

Sounds like Tamnag Thai needs to start listening and learning to train their staff in some basic courtesy and warmth.

There seems to be a consistent thread here about surly staff.
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#64 philipburgoyne



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 07:48 AM

having had a naff experience the last two visits...tamnaq has been on the out of bounds list for mrs b.
on sunday i was wandering the triangle alone looking for somewhere to read the papers and feed.
last time in tamnaq they even messed up my favourite soup so i had little expectation... and... it was fine...
satay and soup...pretty fast service, fairly attentive, even got the bill in record time...
this used to be my favourite place, it will be very hard pushed to de-throne meditteranea now, but it is at
least on the radar again.

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#65 The Joker

The Joker


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Posted 27 May 2008 - 10:35 AM

Sounds like Tamnag Thai needs to start listening and learning to train their staff in some basic courtesy and warmth. There seems to be a consistent thread here about surly staff.

Which is odd when you consider that in general Thais are considered warm and friendly people. Or at least I think so...

#66 peggysue



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 01:46 PM

similar experience last time we went - pestered repeatedly to order our food (i dont think 10 mins perusing the menu is overly long), one staff member in particular was very unfriendly - we were made to feel as if we were being annoying merely by wanting to eat in their restaurant?! food was cold - had a few mouthfuls, sent back and a few minutes later the same dish obviously microwaved food reappeared. will be giving a wide berth from now on. shame, it used to be way better than this. .

#67 Spoon


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Posted 27 May 2008 - 02:35 PM

Do they track this thread? People on here say some restaurants check their VN reviews. Useful, I'd say, but I don't know the Tamnag people to suggest it.

#68 jannism



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 03:50 PM

Their email address is in the first post of this thread, you could always send them a link, Spoon...

#69 James



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 03:57 PM

The staff at Tamnag Thai have always been like this. Even when Doug Barnes (rest in peace) was the manager he had the same problem. It is partly cultural but you have to take into account the setup... many of the staff have their residential quarters looked after by the restaurant too and for some it is almost like a finishing school. The restaurant makes a bigger commitment to look after their staff than many other places but if your family sent you all the way over to Thailand to live and work then perhaps your heart wouldn't always be in it either. They are caring, warm and enthusiastic people but you have to take it in the context that the restaurant isn't just their employer.

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#70 philipburgoyne



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 04:35 PM

nice one james, that explains a lot...it was still good when tarosak and his wife were there last year they were very warm and caring people and they brought an air of calm to the place
that is why i am reluctant to go back...but you explain it and i will treat the place and the people differently and i hope everyone will.

#71 twinkle



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Posted 29 May 2008 - 09:42 AM

went last night for the first time in atleast a year after being completley put off by the rudeness of the staff... and i have to say what a change to my last visit - very tentative staff, no rushing your food - to the point we sat with our glasses of wine for another 45 minutes chatting and also quick return of change from the payment of the bill - so i would have to say its definatley all change there... the only thing i would say is definatley dont go at the weekend - this is when most of the problems start due to their 2 sittings bookings, still one chef even with twice the people and not enough staff to tend to everyone....
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#72 philipburgoyne



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Posted 02 June 2008 - 06:59 PM

managed to get mrs b to try tamnaq again yesterday and really enjoyed my favourite woman by my side to sample the wares one more time...throughly nice experience...they did try to tempt us with a second bottle of wine....and i did order it but thankfully it did not turn up and they apologised which was fine. All in all a good come back i think! back on the recommended list after a short ish absence.

i did wonder what would happen if we all voted on the one restaurant we wanted to keep forsaking all others...but i could not make the decision so i did not bother!

#73 primosan



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Posted 20 June 2008 - 11:08 AM

I avoid it if at all possible. Have always found service so-so (I appreciate background info from James posted above), experienced long wait for food and found food portions rather small. Always suprised it's so packed. Much prefer the other asian restaurants, which sadly seem to often be lacking customers, despite comparable, if not better food.

#74 Pussycat



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Posted 16 July 2008 - 01:41 PM

Mr P Cat, myself and a couple of friends ventured up to Crystal Palace last night to try out Tamnag Thai.

Considering it was a Tuesday night we were surprised by how busy it was. The restaurant itself was really nice, the food good and we had no complaints about the service.

I can see why some people may think the staff are 'little on the surly and discourteous side' as there were a couple of waiters who appeared that way (though they were serving other tables so I couldn't be sure), however having travelled in Asia a bit, I think that should really be put down to cultural differences. The people who served us were all very courteous.

We'll definitely go back.

#75 Silver



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Posted 04 August 2008 - 08:47 AM

Worst service of my life. I can appreciate what James says in their defense (having to work and live in the same establishment etc) but when I am brought a beef curry when I ordered a lamb one I don't expect to get into an argument with a waiter insisting it is lamb when all three of my fellow diners testified it was beef. We all got our plates at different times. They leant accross us when we were talking. I actually felt that we were non existent - They kept filling our glasses up without asking and generally could not care less. We were four of about twent five people in there. Maybe we can't blame the staff but someone should certainly take the blame! They were not slow to take 156 off us! We will not be going back on the off chance that it is a good night.

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