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Tamnag Thai

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#106 Duke



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Posted 03 January 2010 - 09:59 PM

We've just had a take-away from Tamnag and really not happy at all. It was expensive (34.00) for a starter and main each for 2 and it was bland and tasteless.

Very poor indeed and will not be re-ordering from them.

#107 JamesS



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Posted 06 January 2010 - 12:05 PM

Had a truly excellent meal in there with my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. Food was beautifully served and cooked to perfection.
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#108 Kas



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Posted 14 June 2010 - 09:36 PM

We visited Tamnag Thai last weekend and were left quite unimpressed. We were there a few months ago and did not enjoy it. We decided to give it another chance, but were left equally disappointed. They seem to have issues with people who don't drink alcohol, I took a curry and most veggies were overcooked and/or coming from a can, the waitress was arrogant, brought the wrong dish, did not apologise etc, but then suddenly became über friendly when it was time to pay the bill. It's a pity as the decor is quite cosy, but the rest is just too "industrial".

#109 Kurt



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Posted 21 June 2010 - 05:42 AM

Disappointing lunch there on Saturday. Restaurant still looks great but almost empty. Food let it down - main courses not very appetising at all. Seafood soup had strange after taste. Ribs and rice came with a tiny portion of meat. Noodles with squid and chicken were slimy and unpleasant, with no colour. Lamb curry apparently ok. It was cheap, but the food just didn't cut it.

#110 miss_f



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Posted 16 August 2010 - 01:40 PM

We went for lunch here for the first time on Saturday. It was really busy and I loved the decor. However, overall we found the experience disappointing.

First we were asked if we wouldn't mind waiting for 20 minutes because the kitchen was very busy. This was fine, but I thought we would be offered a drink from the bar while we waited, or seated and able to order drinks first before ordering our food (there were plenty of tables still available - it's huge!). We were actually just left waiting by the front of the restaurant. Luckily it was more like 10 minutes than 20 before we were seated, and once at our table, we found the service to be fine - not slow at all.

My main problem was with the food, although perhaps I just made bad choices, as my boyfriend really enjoyed his meal. I had King Prawns Tempura to start, which were more like King Prawns in Breadcrumbs, rather than a light, fluffy, homemade batter which I was expecting. I then had the Tamnag Thai Special Fried Rice, tempted by the promise of it being 'very tasty', as described on the menu. It was also described as being mildly spicy and with a chilli sauce. When it arrived I found it really bland, tasteless and not at all spicy. My boyfriend's friend ended up giving me the remainder of his Thai Red Curry sauce when he had finished, which livened it up a bit.

Good value lunch menu, and I'm not saying I would never return, but I think the next time we want to go out for Thai food we will try somewhere else.

#111 Archie



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Posted 07 September 2010 - 08:58 AM

Went to Tamnag Thai with a couple of friends last month.
Its been a while, about a year, since we were last there and i have to say things were not as good as they were.
The food was basically very bland, I had chilli beef which tasted like it had just been fried with a bit of onion and no chilli at all.
When I asked the waiter where the chilli was he said they were not allowed to fry with chilli anymore because it made the customers eyes water in the restaurant!
He bought be some chilli oil which was very old and tasted stale.
We waited ages for our food, it seems take away service gets priority.
Have to say overall not impressed and it will be a while before we go again especially as it comes out at over £20
per person for starter, main and a beer.

#112 Muffy



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Posted 07 March 2011 - 10:56 PM

Rather indifferent visit to this eating house at the weekend.
We did not book - and were greeted with a rather sour faced member of staff who reluctantly offered us a table but only if we could finish up before half past nine.
As this was no problem we sat down and were treated to a miserable dish of stale prawn crackers on their own.
We ordered and got a nice bottle of wine - it had to be nice as it was rather over priced!!
Eventually got to order some food and the starters we quite nice.
The main courses were not so good - small portions as well.
There was absolutely no service whatsoever from the waitors throughout the whole meal and we had the table from hell next to us to top it off.
After 20 mins with a finished meal in front of us we eventually got eye contact from a waitor to get the bill.
It appears if you want to be treated like an inconvenience, get over priced food and small portions this is the best place to go in Crystal Palace!!

#113 moc


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Posted 08 March 2011 - 08:36 AM

I went to the Tanmag Thai in the week after Christmas. Had been a couple of yrs before and bigged it up to my partner as a great restaurant and really lovely inside - well, it was still lovely to look at/eat in, but we has a similar experience to everyone else really - pretty sour-faced waitresses who suddenly started smiling when it was time to pay, very slow service, and I also thought the portions of food were tiny - I left still feeling hungry, which is unusual for me.
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#114 Summit Lover

Summit Lover


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Posted 08 March 2011 - 09:53 AM

It is such a shame as the service years ago used to be excellent. We haven't been for several years after a laughably bad service experience there on out first date together :blink:

I had been intending to give it another go after our beloved South East closed, but I will probably continue to give it a miss and perhaps try the other thai (whose name escapes me). It is such a shame as the place looks so amazingly opulent, and yet the service lets them down time and time again.

#115 misspoddy



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Posted 08 March 2011 - 09:55 AM

I used to be the biggest Tamnag Thai fan EVER. But the poor service has made me so angry in the last 4 or 5 times I went, that I just can't be bothered anymore. I don't see the point in paying a fortune just to come out of a restaurant in a really foul mood. Until they change staff, I am not going back. Sad really as they used to be so lovely. I remember when we used to go there a lot, like 5 years ago or so, they were all adorable. My daughter always got presents from the main guy, umbrellas or toys etc. They were smily and welcoming and if anything went wrong the guy would personally come, appologise and bring you the right thing straight away. Now it's just the plain opposite in everything. They make you feel like this total nuisance.

#116 Archie



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Posted 09 March 2011 - 10:27 AM

If I remember right they expanded this restaurant (wasn't there a fruit and veg shop owned by the second hand furniture people, Wally Lawrence was it?) a few years ago, I think its since then that its gone down hill.
Its been using its past reputation to get the return customers like me, but there are so many other good places to eat in the area they really do need to look at improving and getting back to the friendly place with the good food they once were.

#117 Spooks



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Posted 09 March 2011 - 11:19 AM

I can safely assure you that their takeaway service suffers from the same 'fine' levels of customer service. Ordering on Saturday and it felt like we were doing them a favour by buying their food. Very rude phone manner accusing Mrs Spooks of ordering wrong things off an old menu - until we pointed out that we had picked it up from them that very morning. Also a bit peeved when we pointed out their promise of 45 minutes delivery when they had taken our order and said that will be 1 hour 15. All that aside, the actual food was very good.

#118 Daniel Naya

Daniel Naya


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Posted 02 December 2011 - 07:24 PM

when it comes to service=amazing ,
when it comes to price = fantastic,
when it comes to food =to die for

I guess is normal that a shop that ticks most of the boxes has as a result a busy restaurant as Tamnag, obviously impossible to satisfy everyones likes.

guess who is going tonight there :)


#119 misspoddy



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Posted 12 December 2011 - 07:47 PM

Daniel, as I said, it was my favourite restaurant in the triangle for years and years. Absolutely loved the food, but all in all, in the last 2 years it has gone down hill and the the only thing that didn't go down is the price. A price I happily pay for the previous quality of food and service, but not for getting served the wrong thing, being handled like an idiot by rude staff and then served food that is not to its usual standard.
Let us know if the Tamnag Thai is back to its old glory and I'll happily give it another go! Miss it badly!

#120 nikdevlin


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Posted 13 December 2011 - 01:31 PM

I agree, misspoddy. I first went there just after we moved to CP back in 2002, and it was pretty damn good; the steamed fish curry was to die for. Then it started to slide; last time I went there, about 3 years ago, it was apalling. And if you look on London Eating, it gets some terrible reviews:- http://www.london-ea....co.uk/3415.htm and an overall score of 3 out of 10. OK, so London Eating is quite hard on eateries in general, but the same thing comes up time and time again, poor food, poor service, rude management and bill padding, all of which happened last time I was there...
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