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The Royal Albert

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#46 Dazza


    Council Boy

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Posted 22 September 2011 - 01:33 PM

Yes noticably ! Some of the unsavoury lot as well !

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#47 Elmo


    All bad precedents began as justifiable measures

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Posted 22 September 2011 - 05:01 PM

Unsavoury? You mean naughty people?
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#48 andreas



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Posted 22 September 2011 - 06:24 PM

That's no doubt why it's become so popular.
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#49 CityView



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Posted 11 November 2011 - 05:45 PM

Thought I'd try the Albert the other day as has never been there in 7 years I've lived in CP (yes Dazza my length of residency is relevant), though I had once made it to the door before deciding it was a bad idea. Wish I'd done that this time.

I've been to a lot of pubs and the only point I can congratulate the Albert on was being in my top 3 worst pubs ever, a close second to a dive I went to in Darlington and just bettering the Prince George by Selhurst Park.

I'm all for having pubs to suit everyone, and I do like cheap old man boozers if all I want is a chat with a mate and a pint (I have often been to the Castle in Clapham), but what qualities does this have to attract anyone? It smelt of damp and toilet blocks, the atmosphere was dark and depressing (empty peanut dispensers on the bar, Adverts and Genesis being played on Absolute radio via a large plasma above the door, and the place is falling apart. The pint of Adnams I had was undrinkable.

I don't understand the licensed trade and the way it all works, is it just a case of a brewery not investing any money or is it the landlord letting if slip into a pit of decline? It's sad really as a great building and could be nice pub. No I don't want another SH clone but just somewhere that's at least up to acceptable standards.

#50 Fang



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Posted 11 November 2011 - 09:56 PM

Haven't set foot in there for nearly 10 years. It used to be the best on the Triangle, a cracking boozer. And now...........................

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#51 grapegrain



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Posted 12 November 2011 - 12:55 PM

Cityview, pubs fall into the following , which i will list in descending order according to the current "trade" perception

1. Freehold, typically owned and run by Landlord/landlady

2. Free of Tie, Leasehold, typically owned by another party but leased out to an individual/company with no ties to breweries.Generally fully repairing, in other words full responsibility for all building repairs,

3. Tied or partially tied Leasehold, typically owned by a brewery/pub company and leased out with at least a full tie on draught and bottled beers.
Some are tied on absolutely everything,soft drinks, spirits including machine income (fruit machines/ciggie machines etc)
The tie generally means paying 30% at least above free trade prices. These type of leases are invariably fully repairing.

4. Tenancy, these are short term agreements, typically 3 years, renewable, and generally offered by the smaller breweries.
The tenant owns the fixtures and fittings and is responsible for their upkeep. The landlord is responsible for the building.
These are fully tied.

5 Managed houses.salaried, Does what it says on the tin, owned by pub company, run by managers on a salary,who generally change every year or so, depending on how good or bad they are.

6 Managed house, joint venture, typically owned by small pub companies who in a startlingly blatant attempt at deniability employ
managers on a self employed,percentage of the taking basis, thus making the managers legally responsible for any staff they employ . these managers normally change very often, usually with HMRC chasing !

I should add that this is not an exhaustive list as pub companies are coming up with new ways of raping the trade every day.
This is a business where your reward for doing well is generally your landlord putting up your rent, especially in the tied pubs, where your landlord knows you are doing well, because you have to buy all your beer from him !
Now, should you try and buy beer from someone else, (very naughty, goes on though) your kind landlord/pub company will fine you, typically the price he would have charged you for the beer had you bought it from him. If he catches you more than twice you are in breach of contract and evicted.

So what do we have in the triangle,
no owner occupied freeholds, that i am aware of,
free of tie leases, Grape & Grain, Gautama, Cambridge
tied leases, Sparrowhawk, Albert, Alma,
tenancies, Railway Belle
Managed, salaried, White Hart, Westow House, Wetherspoons, both Paxtons
Managed, joint venture, none that i'm aware of

I have been in this industry for over twenty years, from Lake District hotels, to city centre pubs, to destination food pubs to ale houses. It is very easy to blame publicans, and certainly some don't help themselves, but walk a mile in their shoes and see how you feel then.
I happen to think that the triangle is very fortunate, we have a diversity of pubs/bars serving a range of customers, however that diversity is threatened by the likes of the chain pubs, White Hart (Mitchell & Butler), Postal Order (Wetherspoons)
Spend your money in these places by all means, but don't complain if the independents close or become more run down.
Use them or lose them !!


#52 Norwood lad

Norwood lad


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Posted 12 November 2011 - 01:23 PM

Thats interesting , thanks

So with the Cambridge being Free of Tie does that make it more or less attractive?

It seems the large breweries are the winners in all this The Hollybush as part of Enterprise woudn't have been bringing much in for them so the beer was a reasonable price but now its been done up ( who would have paid for that ? Enterprise or leaseholder?) and is the Sparrowhawk the brewery can charge higher prices for beer and as its more successful they can extract more and charge the leaseholder more for beer. So if the leaseholder makes the pub a success they bring in more money for the brewery who in turn charge them more for booze.

#53 andreas



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Posted 12 November 2011 - 01:56 PM

Yes really interesting, thanks Rick and Norwood Lad.

Sounds like a more extreme version of what happens on leasehold commercial properties generally - make a success of your business and the next rent review is upwards. I still can't believe how high the lease charges are in the Triangle - even for a smallish property £500 a week just for passing go.
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#54 Dazza


    Council Boy

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Posted 12 November 2011 - 01:58 PM

Cant agree with you more Rik ! Well said.

The Albert is a shadow of it former self & has now become the new cambridge !


PS No reason to be so ignorant of the pub trade now !
Your obviously mistaken me with someone who gives a fig

#55 Summit Lover

Summit Lover


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Posted 12 November 2011 - 04:05 PM

It isn't my cup of tea but R rather likes The Albert - as Rick says, good to have a choice of pubs to suit all tastes.

#56 lordlucan



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Posted 28 December 2011 - 04:30 PM

the albert has really gone downhill,it needs a major overhaul and/or a change of management,i think dazza has got it spot on.

#57 Uncle Wilf

Uncle Wilf

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 08:31 AM

I can see why the Albert doesn't appeal to everybody, I can't see my mrs for instance going in there... but I have to say I think it remains at times a decent local pub. It's not making an effort to charm you and it's not about to start. But personally for a boozer that doesn't trouble me all that much.

I would concur re: the toilets. the gents toilets have a pungent fragrance about them which suggests olympian levels of misaimed urination.
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#58 ChewderOde



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 09:05 PM

havent been in here for donks but looks to me from my occassional travels past it as these days a bit of a hangout for people who like to get trollied midday onwards

#59 Billy S

Billy S


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Posted 02 September 2012 - 09:12 PM

I'm meeting a pal soon who works on a building site. I know G&G etc. have a workwear ban, is Royal Albert OK would you think?
Love The Triangle...

#60 ChewderOde



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 09:20 PM

well, - havent been in there in ages but they dont seem to be too selective on who drinks in there so reckon you will be ok with you and your mate in his hardhat and steel toecaps - might be a cracking boozer these days for all I know but does seem to have a fair few well weathered individuals hanging around the outskirts most of the time