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Merlin Shoes

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#16 Norwood Youngster

Norwood Youngster


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Posted 14 September 2010 - 01:16 PM

I went in to Merlins when I first moved to the area, I thought the daughter was fantastic, I then had a fault with my birkenstocks and she was still fantastic... I ordered a new pair and exchanged but should have been refunded 5 - this never happened and she did become shirty when I mentioned it....

I didn't think too much of it in the end but I have since gone back in there and it has not being half as welcoming as before...

#17 misspoddy



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Posted 14 September 2010 - 01:50 PM

All of this sounds very negative and so unlike the shop that I know and have been visiting for over 10 years. I've bought shoes for all three of my children pretty much since they could walk and have never had anything other than top-rate service. One of my children is autistic and it can be a real headache getting new shoes but I've never had anything but patience and understanding from the staff there. Yes, it gets busy at times and you'll often have to wait - but in my experience, they don't rush anyone at the expense of others.

I wonder if there's an element of 'it takes two' to create a problem here? It's obviously hard to take back shoes that have already been worn. Anyway, I felt that the thread was somewhat one-sided so wanted to do my bit to redress the balance. I'm sorry that someone had a bad experience but I'm sure that there are countless others like me who have nothing but praise for what is a real gem of a shop.

Julian I really understand what you mean, and I must add to my post that in previous years I had very good service there. It just seems to have gone down hill quite considerably. I used to get along very well with the daughter, I would also order shoes and she'd call me when they came in etc... But in the last 2 years I have not come across anything but unfriendliness and very bad manners in there. The first few times I just thought they had a bad day and everybody is allowed a bad day in my opinion, but the persistent rudeness has nothing to do with "a bad day" anymore. I don't quickly criticise a shop or restaurant in public, but here I felt like somebody was seriously stepping not only on my toes, but my entire foot in a very aggressive manner!
And I must add that you are almost the only person, in or outside of VN, who has anything very good to say about the service in there... sorry.

Nevertheless, I do agree that there is not much of a reason for a shop to refund (cash or voucher) a pair of shoes bought in the sales and worn enough to make blisters. That would just be really really nice and super customer friendly, which obviously doesn't seem to be Merlin's greatest aim... :rolleyes:

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#18 Ziwa



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Posted 15 September 2010 - 06:21 PM

James is right - the people posting are the ones who often bend over backwards to support the local area. (I hope that image doesn't bring anyone into a compromised position!) Merlin shoes must really be doing something wrong to get under their collective skins.

On a broader scale, I'll squeeze in a PetHate here. I have found shoe sales people in particular in the UK don't provide service in a way that seems like they think your custom is important. I was recently in shoe shops in the US and would have bought hundreds of pairs from the bubbly, helpful, flattering sales staff. In France (of all places) I have had very helpful sales help. But here you have to do jumping jacks to get their attention, they bring you a shoe, and hand you a box and step back, usually to resume chatting with the other staff.

#19 BettyTrain



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Posted 28 September 2010 - 10:09 AM

I must say that even though i have never bought anything from here I have been in there to try a couple of pairs of boots on. I have wide fitting feet so expected the standard sorry we can't help you (which is fine I'll go to a specialist store) or like the shop across the road from Merlin they went out of their way and searched their whole shop and stock room to find something they thought would fit. They were so freindly I think they may have mistaken me fo a movie star - not sure which one though.....Back to Merlin, I found the service 'odd' maybe slightly 'wierd'. They even served somebody else whilst serving me, almost mid sentence she turned her back on me to see to someone else. Suffice to say that I will not be going back into their shop even if they have the brightest pinkest flip flops i could ever want :) feels like they don't want my custom so I'll go elswhere.