IVF with Donor Eggs – A Chance for Motherhood

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Nowadays, 1 in 5 women delay starting a family until they’re in their mid-thirties. However, if you have been delaying having children, you may have difficulty becoming pregnant. The good news is that reduced fertility does not necessarily have to prevent you from becoming a mother. Even if your test results show significantly reduced fertility you may consider using eggs donated by another woman. By the time women reach 30 years of age, they are left with a quarter of the 400,000 egg cells they had only 5 years earlier. At the age of 35, women only have about 50,000 egg cells left. Only 10 years later, their egg cell count will then drop to 10,000, which is a whopping 2.5% of what it was at age 25. Not surprisingly, a third of women between 35 and 39 years of age have trouble conceiving, and twice as many have fertility problems between the ages of 40 and 44. Does this apply to you? If so, InviMed Fertility Clinics in Poland will be able to help. IVF using donor’s eggs is designed for women who have difficulties getting pregnant with their own egg cells. It is also recommended for women who experienced premature ovarian ageing, permanent damage resulting from surgical procedures or oncological treatment, recurrent miscarriage or had few IVF failures.

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