Stunning Lofts of New York City

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There are some truly stunning lofts of New York City. Throughout the entire city it is possible for renters to find the truly most beautiful apartment with amazing views. For a city of eight million plus residents, there always is something for someone. From loft style designs all the way to multi-bedroom penthouses, when shopping around for a new residence in the city, I found these on offering some rather interesting options. The most important bit of real estate in New York though is that if someone finds a loft they like, they need to move quickly to secure it. With so many other people and investors continually looking for real estate, these lofts do not stay on the market for long.

Lofts in Soho

This is a beautiful area of New York and it provides loft space for less money than what someone might pay in other areas of the city. For just over $600,000, it is possible to secure one of the stunning lofts of New York City. The loft features wood flooring and exposed brick. This makes a perfect accent wall, so painting the interior of the loft really is not all that necessary. Plus, the large windows bring in tons of natural light, which can help save on energy bills. The open floor plan just makes it desirable when someone who is in need of a space just for themselves (and maybe a pet) makes it the pert option.

Lofts in the Upper East Side

Once someone pushes close to downtown Manhattan, the price of the lofts do increase. This holds true when looking at studio space on the Upper East Side. For a studio located here, the price is going to increase to around $865,000, but it is for the location of this beautiful loft. Again, there is tons of window space for natural lighting and the wood flooring is beautiful and adds a touch of class to the studio as well. It does not have exposed brick, but the walls are solid and provide one of the stunning lofts of New York City experiences anyone who is planning on living alone can enjoy. The window space does charge a premium, as there are one bedroom apartments found on the Upper East Side for around $650,000 that share the same hardwood flooring, but lack the same kind of windows. A one bedroom often has similar for space as a studio, only it has a separate room for the bedroom instead of an open floor plan.

Condos in New York City

For investors and people who just want larger spaces to live, condos throughout the city are going to generally run over $2 million to purchase. There is a stunning property in the financial district that comes with breathtaking, black word flooring, which accents perfectly to the white painted walls. There is plenty of light and the ceiling showcases multiple inlet layers, so it is not just one, smooth service. This dramatically increases the level of visible interest in the design of the condo itself. A condo for the same price can be purchased in Flatiron. This offers more of an open floor plan with individual bedrooms tucked around corners and a brighter, warmer wood flooring. For condos, it often just depends on where in the city someone wants to live, as each individual section of the city’s boroughs offers something different.

There are some truly stunning lofts found in New York City, it is all about locating the perfect one and securing the property quickly.



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