The health benefits of owning a dog

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Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Who knew that owning a dog could be so good for you? That wonderful, unique relationship between canine and human has been ticking over nicely for thousands of years, but did you know that dogs can actually be good for your health? If you needed another excuse for inviting some puppy love into your life, read on to get clued up on the health benefits of canine companionship.

Living here in Norwood, you are lucky to have many open spaces to walk your dogs. A brisk stroll around the Norwood Lakes or a leisurely amble around Norwood Park is the perfect antidote to city living. Grangewood Park in South Norwood, Biggin Woods and Beulah Hill Pond are all popular places to enjoy the combination of fresh air and pooch friendship in an attractive environment.

The physical benefits

The commitment of dog ownership brings with it the obligation of regular exercise. Health benefits of regular walking or running with your dog will be reflected in all sorts of positive ways. Take your pick from weight loss, stress relief, improved cardiovascular fitness and lower blood pressure – just a few of the magical influences of canine company.

Playing with dogs can elevate levels of dopamine and serotonin, which have calming and relaxing effects on our moods. Research shows that pet owners have lower levels of cholesterol and triglyceride, and this in turn makes them less susceptible to heart disease. Dog owners who suffer heart attacks are known to have better survival rates than dog-free patients.

The mental benefits

Good physical health is important, but so too is our mental health. Owning a dog gives comfort and therapy for those with mental health issues. Anxiety, depression and loneliness are all eased by the unconditional companionship that a dog offers. Nurturing and caring for a dog and having a focus and routine to your life can help boost self-esteem. Daily walks, feeding, vet visits and routine care such as dog flea treatments are all essential pieces of the canine care jigsaw, and for older people or perhaps those who have been bereaved, the structure and focus this introduces to daily routines can be a comfort.

City living can be a challenge, and sometimes without realising, we become disconnected from the community. Daily walks in the Norwood area in the many lush and leafy green spaces offer the perfect opportunity to grow your social network. Human contact is important, and dog walkers are a friendly tribe that share a common love for their pets – when you are accompanied by a dog, the atmosphere is relaxed and it’s easier to reach out and talk to others.

If you are ready to welcome a dog into your life, prepare for all the add-on benefits that accompany your furry companion. Not only are you getting a friend for life, but you’re also receiving a health boost that could improve both physical and mental aspects of your wellbeing. Sound tempting? See you around the parks and open spaces of Norwood with your canine chum soon.


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