The hidden benefits of your summer holiday

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Have you been considering where to jet off to on your holidays this year? What are your reasons for needing to jump on that plane and get away from it all? To relieve stress? To get a tan? There are a multitude of hidden benefits to your summer holiday, which affect you much more than coming back as a bronzed God or Goddess.

A survey by Expedia discovered that 46% of holidaymakers felt relaxed after their break, which of course is an obvious benefit from taking some time out but the survey also discovered that many people’s confidence increased, they felt like their skin improved and some even lost weight.

Happiness was also increased – because who wouldn’t feel infinitely happier after spending a week away from the office on a sun lounger? – but this is also helped by a boost in Serotonin and vitamin D levels after being out in the sunshine.

The feeling of improved skin is created by the tan many of us return home with. For women especially, they feel like they don’t have to wear make up because their blemishes are hidden by their tan and if they’ve drunk more water all week and eaten fresh fruit and fish as many of us do while abroad, this could also help skin.

The idea that we are also revealing more flesh when in a hot climate might encourage us to make better choices with food, as we become aware of our bodies and how people might perceive them.

A healthier lifestyle can be unwittingly adopted while in a new country, as people want to eat the fresh fish and salad instead of the greasy pizza when it’s hot, they want to snack on cool watermelon and they have to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated while out in the sun.

The healthier lifestyle doesn’t stop there though, as we swim more, walk more and perhaps do some sport we might not usually get the chance to while on holiday – think back to last year when you tried archery. We’re more open to trying new things, leading to boosts in confidence and perhaps encouraging us to pursue a more active lifestyle when we return home – at least for a couple of weeks until the monotony of daily life sets in again.

The chance to get away from the stresses of everyday life can also improve people’s creativity levels. Lying around relaxing allows us to think more clearly so the next big idea for work or that novel you’re working on could come into fruition while on holiday. The reduction in anxiety clears our mind for more positive thought and can lead to some great inspiration.

So this summer, before you shun the idea of booking the luxury getaway with Tots Too or not booking that deal on a villa in Spain in time, think about these hidden benefits and get on that plane – getting away from it all will do you a world of good!



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