Why do so many of us get married abroad?

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When it comes to organising a wedding, more and more of us are ditching the traditional church and manor house wedding reception and opting instead to hop on a plane and say,
‘I do’ with sand between our toes and the sun shining.

But why are so many of us doing this? What is it about getting married abroad that makes it so appealing compared to a traditional UK ceremony and reception? Here are few ideas:

  1. It’s cheaper

Weddings are expensive – the average big day can surmount to costs of just under £21,000, and even if you did get an amazing deal on your wedding bands from www.77diamonds.com, you’re going to be shelling out for the venue, flowers, the dresses and the food. Destination weddings are cheaper because you only pay for yourselves and when you do cover food and drinks there are less guests to cover.

The venues also don’t require much décor because they usually speak for themselves when it comes to beauty – why would you need bunting when you’ve got a view of the ocean while you celebrate your nuptials?

  1. You can combine your wedding with your honeymoon

Not only does this make things cheaper, it also means you don’t need to worry about cleaning up after the reception and then rushing to the airport. You can simply party, then everyone leaves and it’s just you and your new husband or wife alone to celebrate together.

  1. You’re guaranteed great weather

Let’s face it, British weather is pretty hit and miss and even if you book your big day in mid-June when it should be warm you’re probably going to be dodging rain showers and grumbling about clouds. Pick a destination in Europe and you’re likely to be guaranteed a sunny day.

  1. You know who will make the effort to be there for you

This sounds kind of bad, but you know who you can depend on when it comes to a destination wedding. There will be plenty of people who will refuse your invitation because they have to pay out for flights and accommodation and that’s fair enough – but those who really want to be there, to celebrate and share your special day with you, will find any way of getting on a plane.

  1. It cuts down your guest list for you

This also means those family members you don’t really want there won’t come, meaning no drunk uncle grinding up against your bridesmaids at 9pm at night or that Auntie who complains about absolutely everything spoiling the mood.

  1. It’s pretty stress free

Honest. Because you will be booking through a professional wedding planning company or hotel then you’ll probably be paying for a wedding planner in the price who will ensure your day runs smoothly.

  1. It can reflect your personal tastes

Whether you want to get married on a sandy beach or at the top of mountain peak, a wedding abroad allows you to create the perfect day according to your tastes and there are numerous countries and resorts to choose from.

With these things in mind, it’s no wonder more and more of us are ditching traditional ways and getting married abroad and perhaps you should consider it too!


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