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Help Using The 3D Map

There are four main buttons available on the Virtual Norwood 3D Map: Map View, Outline View, Aerial View and Street Index. The active view is indicated by a blue coloured button.

  • Map View shows you the whole of Norwood, including West Norwood SE27, Upper Norwood SE19 (Crystal Palace) and South Norwood SE25. You can also see other areas such as Dulwich and Thornton Heath. Click on an area that interests you and you will be shown the Aerial View.
  • Outline View shows all the major street names and points of interest. You can also see geographic contours. Clicking on a street takes you directly to our Virtual Streets. Clicking on a red square will take you to a location with a 360° panorama that can be viewed using QuickTime VR.
  • Aerial View gives a view of Norwood from the air. Clicking on a street takes you directly to our Virtual Streets.
  • Terrain View shows a spectacular relief model of the Norwood area which you can view from any angle.

To navigate from one area of Norwood to another you can use the North, South, East and West scrolling arrows which are orange when active and green when you are at the edge of our map. Alternatively switch to Map View and then click on the picture.

The pink info button in the top left hand corner of the 3D Map window takes you to the Street Index - a list of Virtual Streets currently available on Virtual Norwood. The red help button in the bottom left hand corner brings you back to this page. In the bottom right hand corner is a logo which takes you to a page with further information on Cities Revealed®.

Further Information

  • The Terrain View can also be seen in a special high resolution format.
  • The aerial photograph used for our 3D Map is taken from the Cities Revealed® image database.
  • Quicktime VR panoramic photos are provided by Euro VR. Visit Euro VR to obtain the free Quicktime VR viewing software from Apple.
  • If you have any vantage point or aerial photos you can share with us please get in touch.


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