5 Tips for a better hiring process

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If there’s one thing that every business needs in order to grow, it’s the right team. Hiring the perfect employees for your business is always a challenge, but there are few simple solutions. Hiring the wrong people can have a long-lasting and detrimental impact on the future of your business, so it’s a critical component to get right. Finding the people is a huge responsibility, and flaws in your hiring process and interview methods can hinder your brand from growing in the right way. If you’re launching a new startup and you’ve never interviewed candidates before, or you’re an established business looking for ways to streamline and perfect your hiring techniques, here’s what you need to be doing:

Involve Colleagues

Use your existing team to help identify the goals of your recruitment process. This is especially vital if the people you’re interviewing will need to have specific department-relevant skills that you lack awareness of. Involve your existing team as they are often the people that will be working more closely with any new hires and involving them makes it easier to find the right fit from a skills and personality perspective.

Better Job Descriptions

Your job adverts will have a direct impact on the calibre of the candidates you will attract. There are many tips available for improving the quality of your vacancy adverts, but the key is to stay relevant and not to bombard potential applicants with too much useless information. Highlight what your company offers and target those skills that your business is currently without.

Recruitment Research

Often, brands hire the wrong people because they aren’t really sure what it is that they are looking for. That’s why research is always going to be a crucial part of the recruitment process. Consider making use of experts like Angelfish Fieldwork to make sure that your recruitment process is more effective and results in you getting the perfect hire onboarded as quickly as possible. It can take time to build the most effective recruitment strategy, but clearly defined recruitment research is fundamental. 

Avoid Google Questions

Every entrepreneur has read through some of the bizarre questions that Google asks potential hires. These are often surreal and can be useful for developing an understanding of an applicant’s creativity. However, they are generally considered superfluous to a strong recruitment strategy and interview process. Stick to asking questions that will reflect the real world. You need to know the skills, interests, experience, and character of your candidates, and finding out if they can work out how many ping pong balls fit into a bus is not going to yield the answers that you need.

Social Checks

A background check has become an accepted recruitment practice, but many brands fail to evaluate social media use. This can be a useful way to learn more about your recruitment candidates. When personality fit is as important as knowledge, those social media checks can highlight potential red flags that could make all of the difference between hiring someone who will be the perfect fit for your organization and someone who will end up being disruptive.

When you need to grow your business with the right team, hiring is a vital process. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the needs of your business and create a multi-step recruitment process that addresses some of the more common mistakes seen in modern interviews. Get your recruitment process right and your business will only become stronger and more secure.


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