50cc Vs 125cc Scooters: Which one is the Right Choice?

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There are other important factors to consider while buying a scooter than just its engine displacement capacity, aka cubic centimetres (cc). However, if you are stuck trying to make up your mind in between a 50cc and a 125cc two-wheeler, then the cubic centimetres do become a priority concern. This is on account of the massive difference between the two scooter’s engine capacity, as well as how they are categorized under the British traffic rules & regulations. To help you make the right investment, we will cover a few crucial differences between the two.


You need to be at least 16 years old and must have your CBT certificate before being eligible for riding a scooter in the United Kingdom. However, you will need to restrict yourself to 50cc scooters only, until you turn 17, meaning that 50cc scooters will be your only option at that time. Once you become 17 and upgrade from an AM to an A1 license, you will be allowed to ride 125cc scooters as well.

Speed and Stability

Speed limits are both a legal requirement as well as being a major drawback for 50cc scooters. A 50cc engine cannot exceed 35 – 45 km/hour, which makes them perfect for on-campus riding and neighbourhood trips, but not for the busy roads. 125cc scooters, on the other hand, are superior in every possible way when it comes to speed and stability. For example, new Vespa scooters like the GTS 125 Super Sport can easily reach speeds as high as 70km/hour – 90km/hour in no time, thanks to the 9kW engine that’s capable of 12.2hp at 8.250 rpm. The famous extra heft and strong build of the Vespa scooters also allow for increased stability and control as well.


50cc scooters win in this department as the small engines are more fuel-efficient compared to 125cc scooters. This is always going to be the situation when you are comparing two completely different classes of vehicles with such a vast difference in their horsepower and engine displacement capacity. Nevertheless, you might be surprised to find that the difference is perhaps not as big as it should be because of the difference in speed and torque between the two.


50cc scooters are meant for 16-year-old students for the most part, not that their use is restricted to them only. If you can live with a top speed of 40 – 45km/hour, then smaller scooters will prove to be a lot more affordable. In the long run, though, you may find yourself wishing that you had shelled out that extra cash for a 125cc scooter!

The bottom line is that one isn’t exactly better than the other, although 125cc scooters obviously enjoy the advantages of being more powerful and stable than 50cc scooters. It’s more a use case scenario than anything else because the fuel efficiency of the 50cc engine is better than the 125cc motor by default, and they are more affordable.

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