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Farewell to Concorde 24th October 2003

A small group of Norwood residents met on the terrace of Crystal Palace Park to catch a glimpse of Concorde making its retirement flight. We could hear a helicopter hovering behind us - no doubt carrying a camera crew for the live television coverage on BBC2. The first Concorde spotted came from the west and emerged from dark grey clouds with stealthy silence. It tracked across the sky and headed out towards kent and started a gentle turn to swing into position for a city fly-over. A second Concorde was seen coming in from the east and was ahead of the one we had just seen. After both had passed a third Concorde on the same flightpath came in from the south-east. People remarked how pleased they were to be able to see Concorde for the last time (some even mentioned they had sneaked out from work).

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All three Concordes flew over the City of London and touched down in Heathrow several minutes later... the first at 16:03, the second at 16:05 and the final one (G-BOAF) at 16:08.

Below you can see some photos taken from Crystal Palace Park and if you have Quicktime installed on your computer you can also see a video of the last few moments of Concorde as it disappears behind the trees near the Crystal Palace BBC transmitter (10 second Quicktime clip - 284KB).


Concorde emerges from the west.


It heads off towards Kent.


It disappears into the distance for a while.


A second Concorde emerges from the east ahead of the first one seen.


It's low on the horizon heading towards the City at an altitude of about 2000 feet.


Concorde takes a curtain call behind the trees next to the BBC transmitter at Crystal Palace Park.

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