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Fireworks at Crystal Palace Park, 4th November 2000

This year's fireworks at Crystal Palace were a great success. Heart Radio hosted a concert with an appearance by Billie Piper and the display lit up the sky of South London.

People started to gather in quite large numbers outside the park too and although it was very busy the atmosphere was very friendly - parents brought their children along and gave them sparklers to keep them occupied. It seemed a long time before the show started, shortly before 8.30pm.

Fireworks at Crystal Palace

The fireworks were well organised and were set off from a secure location at the top of Anerley Hill. Park Wardens and Police helped to ensure that crowds were kept at a safe distance.

The variety and size of the display was quite breathtaking. It was a clear night and fortunately there was very little wind. The fireworks looked wonderful against the silhouette of the trees.

As the show picked up pace the fireworks became bigger and more dazzling. Some must have covered an area about as wide as the stadium.

The crowd was treated to a breather when lots of little fireworks floated and whizzed around the tree tops.

After about twenty minutes the show drew to a finalé with amazing colours and deafening noise.

The crowd cheered after the last firework. Next stop was either home or into Westow Hill to find eating and drinking spots.

The evening was very successful and went to show how local events held at the park can be a positive influence on the area. Although there was obvious traffic congestion it was light compared to the number of people that came and it didn't seem much worse than daytime jams!

It was a fantastic night out!

Fireworks at Crystal Palace

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