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Royal Visit to Crystal Palace 4th July 2002

On Thursday 4th July 2002 on an overcast but warm summer day, HM Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Crystal Palace as part of the Golden Jubilee tour of South London. The Queen was scheduled to visit the newly refurbished Broadway Theatre in Lewisham, then the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon and then a reception at Addington Palace for representatives of South London communities before travelling to Crystal Palace to see the London Youth Mini Games at 2.30pm. The Duke was scheduled to tour Crystal Palace Park at 2.35pm.

Crystal Palace Park

Police Vans

Police Motorcade

The London Heathrow Mini Games is one of the largest and most comprehensive multi-sport events for young people. Thousands of young children came by mini-bus and coach to compete and cheer one another along. The crowd at the main gate waved back to children as they drove past. The police kept themselves discreetly tucked out of sight and the atmosphere was jovial. The Queen was due to arrive at half past two but she arrived just before three. The small crowd did a few practice cheers while they waited.

Police Motorcyle

The Queen in her Bentley

HM Queen Elizabeth II

The cavalcade came round the corner with motorcycles at the front. The Queen was wearing a yellow-orange jacket and hat. The Duke was in another car a few cars further back.

Youth Games


Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen left Crystal Palace at 3.20pm and was followed out by The Duke about ten minutes later. We were lucky that the weather held out and fortunate to get a very close encounter with our royalty. The police did a great job of looking after us and everybody was smiling.

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