Storage Solutions for Tight Spaces

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Smaller spaces come with their own advantages: less square feet mean you’ve less to clean, and probably means lower mortgages or rent payments! However, tight spaces can be problematic, especially when it comes to storing your belongings: even the most Spartan of dwellers accumulate possessions that need putting somewhere! Read on to unearth these ingenious storage solutions for tight spaces.

Keep clutter at bay

It goes without saying that parting with unnecessary ‘stuff’ is the first step towards maximising storage for tight spaces. Use storage benches to hide clutter such as shoes and bags in your hallway, and use baskets to home TV remotes and gadgets knocking around the living room. If you’d like to keep particular possessions but need them out of your home, keep them safe at Ready Steady Store. Save your space for the things you need regular access to.

Buy dual-use furniture

A great tip for those living in small spaces is to buy well and buy wisely, which is why you should focus your search for pieces with hidden storage. For example, bed frames such as this one with lots of underneath storage can hold extra clothes, bed linen or books, and are easy to lift if you want to use them like a second set drawers. Similarly, buy living room furniture with hidden storage, but bear in mind additional uses like housing guests for overnight stays. This sofa from Ikea is comfortable enough to be used as piece of living room furniture, but wins bonus points for the fact it’s a chaise longue and double bed too! And don’t overlook smaller household items: an ironing board mirror is the tip of the iceberg so far as dual-use furniture is concerned!

Be creative

Just because a piece of furniture isn’t usually considered a storage solution doesn’t mean it can’t be. For example, if you’re struggling to find space in a children’s nursery, why not use a fold-down changing table attached to the wall? This will save you room on the ground, and could also feature some built in storage for nappies and wipes.

Why not upcycle old furniture too? Take inspiration from these repurposed lockers set into an alcove in this Californian bathroom, which give more separation for various items than a standard cupboard might. Finally, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, why not have a go at making your own roll-out pantry for tinned goods and spices? It could work for even the smallest slither of space!

Use dead space

Finally, make use of ‘dead’ space on walls: that is, the space above things like the bathroom sink and toilet. Dead space can be bought back to life with shelving and storage units, and bicycles hung on walls act a decorative feature as well as being a practical storage solution. You can even get away with hanging your plants from the ceiling if you’re really pushed for space at lower levels! Many homes have alcoves sitting empty too, so take advantage of the area by filling them with bespoke furniture or shelving.



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