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Wow! What A Difference - Archive

Our are is being transformed every day but what is new today is old tomorrow. If you want to know what to expect in the future you have to know what has been before, so here we keep an archive of places that have been previously featured in Wow! What A Difference.

Wow! What A Difference

Café Lava has just opened in Westow Street after an extensive refit of the old fishmongers. Why not be the first to try it out and write a review in our forum?

Eric Chapman recounts his Memories of Norwood dating right back to the 1930s including the splendour of the Regal Cinema on Norwood Road which was demolished and replaced by the B&Q!

The drab crossroads half way along Norwood Road (with Lancaster Avenue and York Hill) now stand out in vibrant purple due to the arrival of Lancaster's restaurant and the Blue Mountain café. Even David Anthony's hairdressing salon has got in on the act and moved out of its old salon which was less than 100 yards away. This area is sure to become busier during the day and evenings as a result.

Numidie has also brightened up Westow Hill with a jolly colour scheme of blue and yellow. The bistro and wine bar, formerly Kooks (and Smokies just before that) has also redeveloped the basement bar and built a private garden.

The Puzzle Pub now dispenses its own form of medicine and has transformed the old chemists into a wood decked drinking establishment.

Shyro is a new manicure and beauty shop in modern lilac which brightens up Norwood Road.

Continuing with the theme of orange is South East Thai Restaurant which took over from The Travel & Leather Goods Centre. If that doesn't grab your attention you'll soon notice their polished pebbles in the window.

The Sweet Basil Thai Restaurant closed soon after opening. But quick as a flash another Thai Restaurant has filled the gap with the eastern styled Chang Thai.

If you think there is a shortage of Thai restaurants then you haven't been looking. The Tamnag Thai is a long established favourite just a bit further up the road. But if spicy food isn't for you, or if you fancy a change then why not try mash and eels in Churchill's also in Westow Hill.

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