Three ways to beat the afternoon slump

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Even with a pot full of coffee and the best of intentions, the afternoon slump seems to be an inevitable barrier to productivity in the lives of most office workers.

It can be difficult to get out of this slump, but with a few adjustments to your day, you could find a way to avoid it altogether.

  1. Eat the right food

It’s tempting to get the energy you need from a quick sugar rush or a caffeine fix, but we all know that the burst will not last long, and instead we end up feeling even more drained than before.

Rather than get into a vicious cycle with the vending machine, it’s better to eat right throughout the day so you can get your energy from natural sources.

Fruit is a fantastic source of natural glucose that can keep you productive throughout they day without any nasty side effects. Packed full of nutrition, vitamins and minerals, fruit also makes an easy office snack. You can get office fruit from delivered straight to your workplace, so there’s no excuse not to get healthy!

  1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise may sound tiring, but it’s long established that exercise actually gives you more energy, making your body behave more efficiently. Although we can’t all exercise throughout the day in an office job, even small stretches can make a big difference to how we are feeling.

Isometric exercises involve nothing more than simply tensing a muscle and holding it, and they can help you stay alert and focused while relieving back strain and other ailments caused by sitting at a desk for a long time. For example, just holding your arm out and tensing your biceps and triceps for 5 to 10 seconds can relieve tension and make a big difference to your mood. Try this simple exercise with all your muscles during the day and you’ll soon notice a difference.

  1. Get enough rest

Getting enough rest is just as important as getting enough exercise – maintaining a careful balance is what is necessary when it comes to getting the most out of your day.

Aside from the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, it is also important to have regular breaks throughout the day to keep yourself fresh and focused. A working lunch in front of the computer might seem like a good idea, but it will lead to a faster burnout overall.

Instead, go for a walk outside at lunchtime, or at least take a break a few times a day to stretch your legs around the office. A brief change of scenery and leaving your desk for a little while allows you to return feeling refreshed with a renewed sense of focus.

These tips are quick and easy to implement. Try them together and see if you can beat that dreaded afternoon slump.



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