Will an online ecommerce website serve you better than bricks and mortar?

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Back in the mid 90s it was almost impossible to believe that consumers would switch behaviour and start shopping, banking and booking holidays online. Yet here we are in 2019 a long way from teletext feeds for cheap holidays and WAP internet on cell phones. The world and the web has changed to match the conveniences we’ve demanded.

Significant drivers in the growth of ecommerce

Expanded internet, range, speed and user experience has been a huge factor in getting more people in front of online opportunities to bank, buy and book. There are also some inherent advantages of ecommerce that nowadays we take for granted:

  1. Convenience
  2. Lower prices
  3. Bigger range of products

Online vs. bricks and mortar

While city centers across the UK still continue to exist, we’ve seen many shops close as consumers transition their spending and attention online. But high street shopping hasn’t disappeared altogether – shoppers still like to visit to experience touching fabrics, smelling perfumes and even chatting with shopkeepers about their products.

For business owners the cost of being on the high street has increased while the cost of getting their business online with an enterprise ecommerce solution has decreased. There’s a much lower overhead to trading online, completely eliminating store rent and replacing it with a much lower monthly hosting/service and transaction fees.

A changing future

While it was often prophesized in the early 200s that we’d be sat at home like couched potatoes, with our VR headsets, barely moving, ordering everything we needed to exist online, the reality is a little different.

Online shopping experiences are much more pleasurable and less zombie-like. User experience, wether it be on our phones, laptops or TVs has been researched and tailored to our desires and intuition that create much more engaging experiences.

It has also become safer and more secure. So what will the future bring to ecommerce? How will consumers further benefit from convenience, variety, speed and experience? As more and more business build online ecommerce websites to cater for more consumers who demand these experiences I predict the future is bright.



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