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Live Music in Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Bowl 29th July 2001 - 12pm-9pm

In 2001, for the third successive summer, Sounds of the Surburbs organised a free festival of new music, featuring up and coming South London bands, artists & DJs. The weather was perfect!

The venue was well laid out with stalls selling tasty treats at the top of the hill and ornaments and henna tatoos along the path. Signposts to the loos were easily located.

Naturally the bar was a popular attraction - the mood was easy-going and very relaxed. Unfortunately the centre of the bowl was cordoned off due to flooding but this didn't affect things greatly. St John's were on hand just in case anyone needed help and sunstroke was a serious risk with temperatures hitting 30 Celsius.

It was a fun day out for the family with a bouncy castle and inflatable slide. Children were also keen to blast one another with water at the hose stands - at least until the park warden asked them to stop (but fun resumed after he left).

Crystal Palace Bowl

The Lily Pond in front of the stage is a main feature of the venue.

Hundreds of people came on the day and made the event come alive.

Colourful characters were seen on stage but also in the audience, with romantic couples sitting side by side, and the occasional wierd costume (although wearing a towel on the head will keep you cool), and kids running around with painted animal faces.

A full round-up of the musical performances is available on The Official Bowl Festival Website - our favourite act was John Doe, and if you are in the States this summer you can catch them as the supporting act for Neil Diamond!

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