Crash Course: What Your Apps Say About You

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You may not think that your cell phone says a whole lot about who you are as a person, anything really other than how much you’re willing to pay and whether that cracked screen is a deal breaker or not. But more than your cell phone, the apps you utilize most on your phone say a tremendous amount about your personality, your interests, your priorities and more. The next time you’re on a first date, do the cell phone test and see how your partner’s life aligns with yours.

  • Tindr, FourSquare, Facebook – If any of these three apps make it onto your home screen, you’re probably a bit of a social butterfly. Your cell phone isn’t for returning emails or checking stocks, it’s for catching up with buddies and arranging social get-togethers. You want to be on your friends’ minds all the time and you want to know what’s going on with them as well. Tip: Apps like these can take up a tremendous amount of data and may cost you extra fees. If you’re an obsessive app user, considering looking into alternative data sim cards like that focus exclusively on low cost mobile internet.
  • Instagram, SnapChat, Vine – You’re a bit of an artistic type, or creative in the least (or if you use Instagram to follow inspirational fitness quotes, you’re probably not in the best shape). You want your friends to see new and interesting things and you don’t mind perusing their feeds to get an idea of their lives as well. It can also mean you’re social but in a somewhat shallow way. While other apps are meant to give in depth answers and communicate in meaningful ways, none of these are that. Probably you’re looking for something that will give you a good laugh.
  • Mint, Evernote, Calendar – Sure, we’ve all got our organizational niches. But if you utilize a whole host, you’re probably a bit obsessive compulsive. You may find yourself checking your calendar on a consistent basis to schedule in things like drinks with friends or football game, things that normal people just remember. And not only do you like planning things ahead, you also know the value of a good to-do list and love to break things down into sub-tasks that you can mark off one by one to make you feel more in control and productive. Productivity is never a bad thing, but take time to turn off the compulsion every now and again.

Your apps can say a lot about who you are as a person, although they aren’t the end all be all, obviously. Someone’s cell phone habits can also give hints as to the type of person they are (i.e. whether they’re checking their phones while you’re eating dinner or leaving it in the car when you go inside). That cracked screen can say that looks aren’t everything to that person or it can say they’re not careful about the things they own. Take a look through your own phone and see what your apps say about you.

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