A Comprehensive Guide to Lighting Design Throughout the Home

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When considering what components of home décor and design are the most crucial as well as the most influential, the world of lighting is certainly one of the most important.

So, whether you are considering redecorating and redesigning one or more of your rooms, or else are looking for affordable ways to modernise the overall aspect appeal of your home, continue reading for a comprehensive guide to lighting design throughout your home. 

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to changing the lighting fixtures and fittings in your home, particularly in those rooms where you spend most of the time relaxing, it is important to cast aside any previous notions of what lighting should be and should look like and instead begin to think outside of the proverbial box. 

For example, just because bathrooms usually have overhead lighting activated and deactivated by a pull-cord or simple on/off switch, this doesn’t mean it has to be this way, and in the kitchen, replacing your conventional ceiling light with some warmer and smaller wall lights will instantly add atmosphere, texture and tone to the space.

Dimmer Switches

The humble dimmer switch is one electrical item that is vastly underrated, and the impact the installation of a dimmer switch can have on the atmosphere and overall feeling of the room is incredible. 

Installing as many good quality yet still incredibly affordable dimmer switches on as many light fixtures, as well as on as many lamps as you possibly can, will really modernise and update the overall feeling produced from the lighting in your home. Consult with a reputable and established electrical wholesaler, such as powerpointelectrics.co.uk, to find out which dimmer switches are best to work with different styles of lights. 

LED Strip Lighting

If you are somewhat of a gadget and technical expert, then investing in some good quality LED light strips can seriously make a difference to a space.

Affix strips underneath the television, under cabinets and even on bookshelves to develop the sense of a warm texture and depth to a room, and if you are someone who loves to inject colour into a room, you can even purchase LED strips and lightbulbs that are controlled by your smartphone. 

The Importance of Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

There is a myriad of reasons why, whilst undertaking the redesign of the entirety of your lighting options, including fixtures and fittings, you should replace every single bulb with an energy-saving and highly efficient alternative.

Such benefits of energy efficient lightbulbs include:

  • Energy efficient lightbulbs are substantially more stable and always work better in both extreme heat and extreme cold, much better than regular bulbs.
  • Energy efficient lightbulbs are incredibly eco-friendly are one of the simplest and simultaneously most effective ways of reducing your individual carbon footprint.
  • Energy efficient lightbulbs last significantly longer than conventional light bulbs.
  • Energy efficient lightbulbs will result in lower energy bills.
  • Energy efficient lightbulbs add ambience, warmth and tone to a room.

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