Exciting Career Choices For Graduates With A Policing Degree

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Obtaining a policing degree takes hard work and dedication, so it’s especially important that you carefully consider your available options once you graduate. A policing degree can open up a hugely diverse range of rewarding job opportunities. To give you some inspiration and help you plan what to do once you graduate, here are some of the exciting careers for graduates with a policing degree.

Police Officer

The most obvious career choice for graduates with a policing degree is to become a police officer and work within a law enforcement organization. Becoming a police officer is considered a highly rewarding job as you’ll have the unique opportunity to fight crime, save lives and create a safer community. Policing is also an extremely diverse field and police officers can choose to specialize in several areas such as community policing, drug enforcement or private investigations. Gaining a policing degree is not always necessary to become a police officer. However, having this qualification will demonstrate your skills and help you stand out from the competition when applying for the best jobs. According to Chron, obtaining a bachelor’s degree will also increase your chances of being promoted once you enter the police force. To become a police officer, you must pass the law enforcement entrance exam and then graduate from a policing academy of your choice.

FBI Agent

Becoming an FBI agent can offer a highly rewarding and exciting career path for someone with a policing degree. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a major branch of the Department of Justice and is responsible for identifying and preventing terrorism and enforcing federal laws. FBI agents are highly trained professionals who are responsible for investigating serious crime and enforcing a wide variety of federal laws. The role is hugely diverse but may involve interviewing suspects, investigating large-scale crimes, performing surveillance of suspects, and making arrests. Training to become an FBI agent can be challenging and take a notable amount of time and effort, but for many people, it’s worth it! If you are interested in pursuing a career in the FBI, you must complete the FBI application process online. If you’re accepted then you must complete the FBI training academy program which involves 800 hours of online and physical training.

Border Services Officer

Border security keeps people safe by stopping drugs, inadmissible people and dangerous weapons from entering the country. Most countries have multiple border control points in various areas, meaning you can usually find a role within your desired location. According to Wilfred Laurier University, canadian border services jobs are plentiful and the role offers an attractive salary and career prospects. For instance, a trainee border services officer will usually earn around $64,234 to $71,525 plus living expenses. Whereas, a fully qualified border services officer can expect to receive around $69,486 to $82,411. If you’re interested in a career in border security officer, you must apply to a border security agency and complete a certified training program that may involve a physical and medical examination.

Prison Guard

Prison guards are responsible for the supervision, safety, and security of people who have been detained within a prison. Prison guards are in close daily contact with prisoners, so have the amazing opportunity to motivate and encourage detained individuals to change their ways and lead law-abiding lives, thus creating a safer society for everyone. The role is extremely varied and could involve performing security checks, assisting with rehabilitation programs, escorting prisoners on visits and appointments, and completing necessary reports and paperwork. It is important to keep in mind that the responsibilities and duties of a prison guard will vary depending on the type of prison setting. For instance, prisoners in a category A prison will require far more supervision and security than those detained in a category C or D prison. All prison guards must complete a specialist training academy program along with some professional experience.

Probation Officer

Probation officers play a significant role in the reduction of crime by providing rehabilitation services to offenders. They work with offenders in prison, on parole, or after release, and support them to make better life choices and lead fulfilling lives free from crime. Probation offices also help offenders who have been released from prison, integrate back into society by providing expert guidance and access to specialized treatment techniques. Many people consider probation a hugely rewarding industry as probation officers have the opportunity to make a real positive difference to the lives of criminals, as well as to everyone in society. To secure a job as a probation officer, you must complete specialist training followed by two years of industry experience. Some probation officers also complete a master’s degree to enhance their career prospects and improve their chances of being offered the top jobs.

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators assist with criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing physical evidence at crime scenes; this may include hair, blood, and bodily tissue. This evidence is then used in investigations to either support a conviction or prove why a particular suspect should be acquitted of a crime. The forensic field is growing due to technological advancements. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics available jobs in the forensic industry are expected to grow by a massive 14% by 2026, which is far higher than the average across all other industries. This means that forensic professionals like crime scene investigations benefit from excellent job security and career prospects. If you are interested in becoming a qualified crime scene investigator, you must complete some relevant experience and then apply for a job. Once you have successfully secured an entry role, you will receive on-job training.

Final insights

A policing degree opens up a fantastic range of highly rewarding career opportunities. It is important to choose a job role that you’re going to find satisfying and fulfilling. For that reason, you must research your job opportunities carefully and experiment with different career possibilities based on your skills and interests.


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