Eyes of Grey by Ric Kemper

| March 11, 2013 | 0 Comments
Ric Kemper – a local man – has written a song about the Crystal Palace which unfortunately burned down in 1936, Ric also mentions other local place names in his song such as Sydenham, Penge, Forest Hill and Peckham Rye.



The song follows the imaginary progress of a lady from Penge who travels up to ‘Norwood Heights’ to visit the Crystal Palace then, slowly and by degrees, turns into one of the many statues which used to people the fountained gardens and Italian Terraces there.
The accompanying video is a mixture of real cine film footage and modern digital video.
Ric hopes you like this song about the Crystal Palace, an edifice and area which has seen too much neglect in the modern period and deserves better.

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