Gift Idea: Creating a Personalised Medal

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It’s challenging to come up with a creative gift idea that combines a touch of personalisation, while remaining beautiful and practical. Whether the gift is for a retiring employee, a loved one or an event that should be marked for commemoration, there is one particular item that could fit a wide variety of giftees.

Personalised medals offer the opportunity to gift a stunning item that is not only long-lasting, it also requires heart and forethought to create, making for a truly special present.

So if you’re thinking of this personalised gift for that special someone, consider the following aspects.

The design

The most important part of the medal is the design. What symbols, lettering or objects do you want stamped on the metal? Designers can create stunning and intricate pieces to commemorate the moment or person. They can even base themselves on photographs to stamp faces on the medals, making for a wonderful personalised gift.

This stunning design displays the history of Lyon, France

Material, size and shape

Another important aspect of the medal is the material, shape and size. Medals can be stamped in a variety of options depending on the desire of the buyer.

While smaller medals could be a more suitable gift for a person, the commemoration of events could be a better fit for larger medals that can be placed on the wall. Take into account that medal factories have a specific toolset and if you request an out-of-the-ordinary shape, it could require creating a new tool, which raises the price.

Colours & Relief

Touches of colour can be added to medals to create a more unique and colourful art piece. Logos may also require colour to stay true to their original design. These are added through liquid resins applied with a needle, which requires a lot of care.

They can also be stamped in bronze and silver or be gold and silver plated. Here, consider the price and the desired end-look.

Relief is focused on creating a 3D or 2D effect on the medal, such as by applying an object or character on the top level of the metal. Sunken reliefs work the other way, by creating a recessed level that is cut into the metal. They each have their own aesthetic look, so consult with a specialized designer to pick the best option.

Attachment & Finishing

Depending on your desired medal and how it will be used or displayed, attachments can be added. For example, you can create a medal with a ribbon (similar in style to Olympic medals) or a military attachment piece.

Additionally, an extra metal finishing can be applied to add depth to the metal such as bronze or antique silver finishing.


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