Goodbye job boredom — 3 steps to switching careers

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Most polite people pretend to enjoy their jobs — we all need to earn a living and a bad attitude doesn’t wash with management or customers.

But deep down, it seems that many of us are bored and frustrated at work — a recent survey by UK employment site Fish4Jobs revealed that 32 per cent of British people spend half their annual working hours resenting their vocation.

Long-term job dissatisfaction can lead to depression and stress, but when you’ve got family commitments, walking out isn’t an option.

Here are three ways to say goodbye to job boredom and switch careers — without resigning dramatically.

  1. Community volunteering

Volunteering can serve several simultaneous purposes — when you’re stuck in a rut, it suspends shoe-gazing for a few hours, helps vulnerable community members and makes you more appreciative of life’s blessings.

You’ll meet interesting new people and make connections that might lead to a full-time paid position in the project itself or somewhere entirely different — anything’s possible.

And there’s also the chance that getting out of the house and broadening your horizons will make you view your current job in a different light — thoughts of it will no longer dominate every waking hour and you’ll be able to tolerate it for a little longer as you develop career migration plans.

There are many worthy causes to choose from, but volunteering with Norwood & Brixton foodbank is definitely fulfilling.

  1. Developing your hobby

You might have been doing your new job for years without realising it — many people are passionate about hobbies but don’t consider that they can convert to paid professions.

For example, if you write a regular blog about fashion and beauty tips, become a paid influencer by building an audience, making connections with national brands and publishing videos on YouTube.

Or your penchant for penning poems and sketching caricatures might translate well to launching a bespoke greetings card business.

And by developing nautical knowledge at Croydon Sailing Club, you could even carve a new career teaching tourists how to navigate the ocean winds and waves in the sun-kissed Caribbean or Mediterranean.

  1. Distance learning

Earning a formal qualification is still one of the best ways to move up the career ladder or retrain for a totally new vocation.

And modern technology means that it’s not necessary to commit to full-time traditional campus courses to graduate with an accredited qualification.

Studying online with Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning provides the opportunity to enter exciting sectors like digital marketing and project management — you’ll learn flexibly when it suits you best, fitting coursework around work and childcare commitments.

Since you’re working towards a new goal, your tolerance levels for your current job will also increase as you’ve got an exit strategy.

Your dream job can become reality when you follow these three ways to wave goodbye to boring work and switch to a scintillating career.

Have you ever switched careers? Share your advice in the comments section.

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